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Monday, April 30, 2007

Give Me a Damn Break!

If you look out from my office workstation, this is the view that will greet you:

Can’t help but wonder: what on earth did these people do to deserve the good life? All they do all day is laze under the sun, float (or have sex) by the pool or doze off in their air-conditioned five-star hotel room. For anything they need, the hotel staff is at their beck and call.

Moi? I cannot even enter the goddamn hotel.

How I wish I'd have the time ... and resources, to simply disappear and be a King in a faraway kingdom. How I wish I could fly off to some island in the Bahamas. Or Greece. Even Antarctica. Wherever I could have some f**k**g rest.


cyril said...

sex by the pool? now that's interesting =p

malay mo mas haggard pa ang buhay nila sa yo. malay mo yung isa sa kanila e hindi pumasa sa bar. kaya relak lang ikaw =)

aryo said...

Yes Cyril. Sex by the pool. Minsan during broad daylight pa. Normally foreigners at ang mga tangan-tangan na Mabini girls. Halos tumatagilid na nga building namin dahil namboboso lahat ng tao, he he.

Hmm. Meron nga kayang hindi pumasa sa bar dun? Sige na nga. Makapagsaya na kahit papano.

Carlo Rey said...

That must be a really prestigious hotel...