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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There's a Snake in My Car!

I was cruising España Boulevard last night when, from the corner of my eye, I saw this shiny little black thing slithering through the left edge of my windshield.

I had to take a second look to confirm what it was. And wonder of wonders, it was a snake! Yes, a snake!! More than a foot long and about my forefinger’s size!

I almost screeched to a halt when it moved towards the center of the glass, now right in front of my face. Fortunately, it returned back to the edge, safely grabbing the radio antenna for support.

Then it disappeared. Or so it appeared.

I tried not thinking about it as I drove home but I was edgy, okay, paranoid, all through out the trip. Where on earth did that dreadful thing come from? And the bigger concern is, where could it be now? Is it just camping on top of the car door? Or could it be crawling just beneath my feet? Now, is it a painful sting I’m feeling in my legs?

It’s funny how irrational one gets when he’s afraid.

I could not even get out as I reached home. I had to transfer to the passenger seat first and push the door from there to check if nothing would fall.

Then the count down: five, four, three, two, one …run!

I was laughing when I finally got out, but I still can’t assure myself that it was indeed gone.

Now I need someone who could coax it to get out just in case it’s simply lurking out in any of the car’s recesses.

Or better yet, will anyone of you want to have some joy riding with me? Everything’s on me, I promise.


aajao said...

hey that's scary. you might have even brought the snake into your home and it might crawl in your house from the parking lot. geez... we hope that's not the scenario, but still, having one in your car could give any rider goosebumps.

aryo said...

Nonoy: Langya ka. Takutin ba naman ako lalo. Ano, gusto mo joy ride? he he

Anonymous said...

The snake was sent to make you repent for your sins.

aryo said...

Anonymous: Mali. E di dapat anghel ang ipinadala sa akin. The snake, if it were to represent something, could only be the devil. And it was sent to tempt me to sin. E mabait ako. Kaya hindi sya nagtagumpay. Bwahaha!

Faith said...

OH my goodness. I would absolutely DIE! I go bazerk if there is a eety beety spider in the car when I'm driving....*shudder*

the philosphical bastard said...

i'm always in for a joy ride. specially one as adventurous as this.

aajao said...

thanks, but no thanks. :p
i'm ok riding in my own car. ang nakita ko lang na gumagapang dun eh gagambang-bahay. at pinatay ko na sha! hahahaa!

LAWSTUDE said...

Kawawa naman yung snake. Don't you know that snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them? Who knows baka nagtatago rin sya sayo, kaya the next time you see it takutin mo agad, unahan lang yan. Hehehe!!!

yatot said...

this must be a sequel of snakes in plane... lolz! but this time it's "snake in a car" hehehhe... buti hindi ka natuklaw!

aryo said...

Torney: file na lang ako ng eviction notice. di ko kaya makipagtitigan sa ahas, kahit pa ikakatakot nya ito, he he.

yatot: kakatuwa nga e. feeling ko biglang kumirot paa ko. as if natuklaw. ngayon nga naglalaway na ko, he he. aso pala yung ganun ang effect.

janus3185 said...

sure! I'll be riding with you! Baka linta lang... ehehehe

Ernesto said...

i hate snakes yeakkks tsk

blogerista said...

waaaah nakaka-freak out yun ah..

local version ito ng snakes on a plane.. "the snake on the car.."

blogerista said...

waaaah nakaka-freak out yun ah..

local version ito ng snakes on a plane.. "the snake on the car.."