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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Transformers What?

Having read reviews from blogville and the papers, it dawned on me that much of the buzz generated by Transformers: The Movie particularly harbored on nostalgia. It seemed that most of those who trooped to the movie houses were there to relive their childhood. Everyone seemed to have been, at one time, mesmerized by the action-packed TV series or have played with at least one of the versatile toy versions.

I guess I felt a bit sorry that I can’t relate to their travel down memory lane.

For while I am indeed a child of the 80’s (?), my childhood memories are worlds apart from those of the people I commune with now.

Transformers and all other kidhood TV icons are admittedly greek to me. I was raised in a place where even a battery-powered television set is non-existent. I remember someone tried installing one by his veranda (hoping that the open space would be more conducive to receiving the signal) and its first run became a community activity, much like the inauguration of one grand project. Only that what came out on screen were nothing but dots and we all went home with stiff necks.

Thus, I really never had the chance to get acquainted with Flordeluna or Annaliza. We were introduced to the Sesame Street characters only through notebook covers. We thought Thundercats were pets.

Just imagine how boring I could get if discussions saunter into this territory.

But dare ask me about Magnon, Sisang Tabak, Tagani or Anton Diamante and I’d engage you in endless chatter. Who the hell are these people, you’d ask. They’re radio drama bidas who cultivated in us the same level of fanaticism as Chiz Escudero had for Voltes Five. They were the heroes of our rustic childhood, the idols that would make us dash for home from class.

Toys? I can’t remember of any that evoked a love affair similar to what city boys have had with Japanese robots. Our sources of joy were way simpler: a milk can cover attached to a bamboo stick already becomes a toy roller, a carved tsinelas with coconut leaf becomes an instant sailboat, and tingting with bond paper flies like any kite.

Not being able to declare my own robot story sometimes makes feel like belonging to an age eons apart from my peers. But in times of contemplation, I get convinced that there really is no reason to feel deprived because we did enjoy our rural upbringing. And given a choice, I would still recommend that today’s kids be exposed to the simple life, a life different from what the modern complicated world offers. I swear it will nurture a more austere and down-to-earth outlook, a deeper appreciation of the less expensive, more natural, less fussy side of life.


Gina said...

I hear you...

There's just way too much toys and gadgets in the market today, there's always something new...I notice that most kids don't appreciate the simpler toys anymore and everything seems disposable. I only had 1 doll with the nice blond hair and I cherished it for a long time. Ngayon, I see kids having more than a hundred Barbies and just enjoy them until a new one comes along.

slim whale said...

what would a city boy like me give just to experience what you did, aryo! that's something worth telling to your kids when you grow old. I wish i had the same experience. nothing can replace the joys of simple pleasures.

carlotta said...

i used to watch transformers but i was more hooked on bioman and shaider hehehe. i do think growing up in the 80's is the best albeit the horrid hair and fashion. =)

i dunno those radio drama bidas but i do know negra bandida. patay na patay din kasi ako sa mga drama sa radyo woohoo! =)

aryo said...

Gina: You're right. It now costs so much now to draw a smile from a kid. Tayo cheap lang. Eroplanong papel nga lang na paliliparin sa plaza, ayos na. Buhos ka lang ng tubig sa kalsada, patintero na. Dalawang patpat lang, siyato na.

Slim Whale: Wala kayong ganun no? Sayang. Alam mo bang masayang magpalutang ng bao ng niyog sa dagat - at contest kung kanino ang unang malulunod? Ok rin yung pitikan ng rubber band sa gitna ng kalsada. :-)

aryo said...

Carlotta: Meron bang Negra Bandida? Di yata nakarating sa amin yung radio station na yun. Yung narereceive kasi namin, provincial relays na lang.

Alam mo, nakilala ko Shaider at Bioman, college na ko. Nakikisingit lang ako sa pinapanood ng mga bata.

Jowell said...

Wow... that was amazing. Makes me appreciate everything i have now.

carlotta said...

negra bandida sa dzrh, pero mga 90's ko na napakinggan yun eh. mga 1995 ata ako nagsimula makinig ng drama. siguro iba nga ang mga dramang pinapalabas sa manila at sa mga probinsya. pero siguro matud nila alam mo? =)

hindi naman siguro ikaw lang ang college guy na nanonood ng shaider at bioman noon kasama mga bata. :-)

yatot said...

never heard of those radio drama characters... hehehe... si carlotta mahilig talaga iyan sa radio drama... ako mahilig akong manood ng tv, im a visual person daw kasi... hehehe...
i already watched transformers... ganda naman siya... aprub!
muling napadpad dito!

aryo said...

Jowell: I guess you should really value the fact you have stuff that others could only dream of.

Carlotta: DZRH din pala. Pero di ko na naabutan. College na ko nun, kaya medyo naging sosyal na, ha ha. Pero yung Matud Nila, natatandaan ko. Lahat nga yata ng bata sa amin nun, pinangalanang Belinda (yun nga ba ang bida?).

Yatot: Censya ka na sa nostalgia namin ni Carlotta. Audio person din kasi ako, by force of circumstance.:-)

jayclops said...

Thanks for the drop. This Transformers poster scared the shit out of some kids I know though.

Re radio dramas, I can recall listening to them when I was about 11-13 years old. And I can remember it was some scary stuff. That was when uso pa yung walkman. it used to lull me to sleep and have nightmares afterwards. Hehe

aryo said...

Jayclops: Yup. I remember "Gabi ng Lagim" with the signature alulong ng aso. Tapos, madilim pa dahil di pa uso ang kuryente. Nightmares, indeed!

kiko said...

For me this is the best beer...... hehehe joke :) I would say rather Atty. Reo is the best hehehe, ahm he was my supervisor while i was at LBP, he is my idol hehehehe..

I definitely agree with you Atty. Reo, for me simplicity leads us into the satisfaction of all things, because if you're not simple well I guess you'll have unlimited wants and needs :)

aryo said...

Uy Kiko! Nakuha mo a grade mo kaya wag ka na mabola! He he. Painom ka naman!

Randy L. Tolentino said...

Hi hehe.. ahm ang hirap maghanap ng stories/history about "NEGRA BANDIDA".. well, I got interested with this because, hindi nmn sa pagmamayabang po.. naalala ko kasi yung Uncle ko which is siya ang WRITER ng RADIO DRAMA na un sa DZRH, kung familiar pa kayo kay PIO TOLENTINO.. uncle ko sya na tga DZRH dati (nung kapanahunan pa nya) actually kasabayan nga nya sa carreer si Vice President Noli Boy de Castro natin e.. Yun nga lang kalungkot kasi wala na yata silang contact sa ngayon.. Pero kung di ako nagkakamali.. ang alam ko mag KUMPARENG buo sila ni Mr. Vice President.. Hehe.. un lang.. Kung magkakaroon lang ako ng chance to talk to my UNCLE about this NOVEL, I'll keep you updated guys.. and Maybe sooner mai-revised sa T.V. or sa Movie yung story diba? hehe.. Yun lang po..


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