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Friday, June 8, 2007

Stargazing With My New Baby

Before your thoughts drift any farther, my new baby’s a Canon Powershot S3IS.

Just got it from somewhere. Like manna from heaven.(wide smile)

I have always wanted to have a digital camera for use in my blogging and this one just came in at the right time. Now I can fulfill a long-cherished dream – being a true-blue photographer.

But I have yet to learn the basics so I’d really be glad to learn from those of you who have already mastered the art form. Would anyone out there please tutor me? :-)

Well, one surefire way to apprise one’s self with the features of any gadget is to tinker with it. So I did. And fortunately, I got into this occasion where some showbiz stars performed.

So for my initial venture into photography, here are some evidence of my futile attempts at joining the ranks of the paparazzi.


pepe M. said...

oh, so you actually shot those stars..thats cool man!


brVinceFMS said...

wow, galengg, s'an kaya yung somewhere na yan para magkaroon din ako nyan, LoL!

janus3185 said...

nakaka inggit naman ang cam mo...

Faith said...

nice camera! looks like you're off to a good start! =)

Rochelle said...

Wow!! How cool is that! Have fun!!!

tofubaby said...

Tama si janus, nakakainggit naman ang cam mo. I've been oggling for a digi cam but I don't want just any cam. You made a great choice.

aryo said...

ei folks!

Yup! Guess am having fun with the new toy. Am now checking for some place where I could formally learn more on the art. I hope it's not gonna bleed my pockets.

And I'm looking forward to visiting some place where i could shoot to all I care and be proud of my photos. Any suggestions? :-)

Bro Vince: Sorry. "somewhere" is top secret. he he

maui pacquiao said...

shooting stars talaga ang drama? kaiinggit naman sa cam.

Batang Yagit said...

nice camera. i've been longing to have a Nikkon D80 Digital SLR Camera.

Gina said...

Nice looking expensive toy you got there! =)

Looks like starting to get the hang of it,ha. More 'shutterbugs' in the blogosphere, that's cool. I recommend you visit a couple of blog sites that I personally like that I have links of in my blog. Both of them are talented photography enthusiasts. Bilib ako sa mga photos nila. Check them out:
(he has photos of Calbayog in a few of his posts/do check the archives)


I see that you linked me up,thanks. Will do the same! C u around!

Abaniko said...

Wow naman. Di lang basta-bastang mga subject. Mga artista talaga! Sana magpapa-print ka at papirmahan mo sa kanila. :)

carlotta said...

ganda ng digicam ah sana meron din ako.

akala ko naman stars in the sky hinanap ko pa heheh. mga artista pala (ang guapo talaga ni christian bautista ;))

aryo said...

Gina: Thanks for the tip. I will be visiting these sites for my education.

And thanks for the interest in Capul. Will surely take more photos when I return home.

Maui: Buti nga hindi armalite ang dala ko. Iba sanang shooting stars yun. he he.

Abaniko: Di ko pa po kaya magpapirma ng autograph. Shy pako e. :-)

Yagit: Be careful waht you wish for. Baka mamya, andyan na yan.

Carlotta: Aba naman! At fan ka pala ni Christian. Well, he really sings well.

Batang Yagit said...

i like the sound of that. Sana nga. hehehe..medyo may kamahalan ang D80 eh. I'm happy with the EOS 300D that i'm using now. Enjoy shooting with your new toy.