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Monday, March 24, 2008

Missing Sunshine

I now sport baked skin, courtesy of the blazing sunshine that graced our island town.

Unlike before when I would avoid it, I actually pursued the heat this time. After being subjected to extreme cold weather the past month, I now appreciate our tropical climate more. I now know that given a choice, I’d opt to bask under sweltering heat instead of trembling in the midst of postcard-perfect snow.

Here are some pics I took under the mighty sun (which further burned my already chocolate-colored skin):

Summer Fresh
Children of the Sea

Buko, anyone?

Mother Pearl

Nature's Dryer

Perfect Calm

"Deep Sea" Fishing

Lovers in Paradise

Personal Note: I left our town with a heavy heart, as I took a special boat trip out on the very day the Alumni Homecoming festivities for our High School alma mater were about to begin. I have long anticipated the once-in-three years event (and I missed the previous three occasions), but unfortunately, more pressing commitments came my way.

My schoolmates are still having great fun as of this writing. I can only drool in envy. But life’s like that. Sometimes we have to forego some fun-filled events if only to fulfill commitments that define our careers. (Sigh…)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home, Again

Tokyo to Osaka.
Osaka to Tokyo.
Tokyo to Seoul.
Seoul to Tokyo.
Tokyo to Manila.

All these in two weeks.


But I have no complaints.

I am HOME.

Nothing ever beats home.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Night Trekking in Seoul, Plus ...

The news reports say that it was supposed to be the start of spring. But it did not feel so. Seoul was as cold as any winter would.

But for some reason, our hosts thought of beating the cold by trekking up the Namsan Mountain where the Seoul Tower was perched. And since we spend our days meeting with clients, the climb had to be done only at night!

And so we did.

From the Hyatt area, we slowly walked, grumbling. But with the beautiful tower as the prize for the chilly challenge, it didn’t seem much of an effort after a while.

This is how the Seoul Tower looked that night.

And here are some pics of the surroundings.

When we reached the summit, the cameras started rolling. Nope, not for us. It seemed like a shooting for some Koreanovela. I'm not sure though.

By the way, I forgot one detail.. we actually ate ice cream first, at Cold Stone, before we tried conquering Namsan. The weird thing was, there was a long queue of patrons in the parlor. Feeling summer all?

As we drove home, we passed by an inner street where traffic seemed to crawl. Because of these, I discovered.

Apparently, prostitution is legal in Korea. These "window display girls" openly ply their wares and "business" is done in a little room at the back of the "eskaparate". Of course, what I tell you are all hearsay. We simply passed by...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anyong Haseyo, Seoul!

I'm now in Seoul, South Korea. Staying for a week.

Took some pictures already. Can't upload them though.

Brought the wrong cable. Darn!

(This view was clearly visible from the Seoul Hyatt last night)