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Friday, July 13, 2007

"Teka Teka" Fighters

How would you feel if the weapon upon which you anchor your life turns out to be a dud? What would you do if at the approach of a determined enemy, your gun won’t fire? Won't you just shout “Teka, teka! Wait lang Boss!” and pray that you'll have Hiro's power to freeze time?

It would’ve looked like a scene lifted straight from a worn-out comedy movie, but nope. This seemed to have happened to our Armed Forces, ironically at a time w
hen other countries could boast of modern and ultra-efficient military gadgets.

Truth is, our men in the field are not asking for high-tech arms. All they need are functioning equipment. Just that, but that we cannot even provide them, thanks to the greed of some military officers.

I can only imagine the Marines cursing their superiors while trying to muster enough strength and courage to fight the barbaric enemies. Clearly outnumbered, they knew that a few feet away lurk the bullets that could take their lives in a snap. The only thing left with them is the consolation that they were fighting the fight of the brave and that when death stares them in the face, they could at least bring a few of the enemies to the grave.


The mortars that their government provided them turned out to be useless. As the enemies inch towards them, our soldiers had to do the “itaktak mo” jig hoping it would spark life to the dormant mortars.

It was a pitiable sight. And really scary.

To think that Trillanes and the men in Oakwood have already sounded the alarm bells for the purchase of substandard weapons a long time ago. To think that many lives and limb have by far been offered by our men-in-uniform in the altar of shameless corruption.

Now that he is Senator, the people expect Trillanes to confront his former superiors and hold them accountable for the carnage.

For indeed, no amount of ceremony befitting a fallen hero can bring back the wasted lives of the Marines who fought to keep the peace in this country. An honest-to-goodness overhaul of the system is in order to at least assure the military (as well as the police personnel) that we are not playing with their lives.


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

i still see no hope with trillanes in the senate.

remember, we had, still have, honasan and biazon there.

aryo said...

Even outside the halls of the Senate, Trillanes and his staff can still pursue his legtislative agenda. Mas hassle nga lang. As to Honasan and Biazon, I guess they already lost their balls some years back. Naluslos! he he

Abaniko said...

Hay. Mamaya nyan they'd find out that some of their guns are toy guns. Grabeng kurakot na talaga!

Gina said...

Very tragic talaga what happened to the marines.....
May this be a wake up call to the powers that be...
More funding to upgrade/ update the military weaponry.
Bottomlime, sana matamaan ng kidlat ang mga kurakot!!!

Carlo said...

And I thought Trillaness was a bloody fool to commit a, he wasn't.

The corruption in the military extends to the point that they are willing to gamble the life of their soldiers for something else.

How many lives have to be taken away for this black effect to be destroyed? The unwilling sacrifice of those soldiers will probably never call for a reform, but most likely a brutal manhunt for their murderers.

I doubt this case will ever be resolved. Screw dud weapons...

carlotta said...

nakakatakot yang ganyan. sana talaga magkaron na nga ng konsensya ang mga humahawak sa kanila.

slim whale said...

to think that the military gets a huge chunk of our national budget! if they had just funneled those funds to education, we could've developed our schools more (or not, since there are corrupt officials there too).

as to trillianes, I'm not sure of what exactly he could do. we've seen so many idealistic souls whose minds have been reduced to porridge in the senate.

aryo said...

Abaniko & Gina: Sana nga tamaan sila ng kidlat. :-)

aryo said...

Carlo & Carlotta: He he. At me rhyme talaga. Seriously, I feel the frustration. Alam naman nating lahat na pagkalipas ng ilang buwan malilibing na naman to sa limot. Hanggang sa maraming mamatay uli.

aryo said...

Slim Whale: Wow! My favorite writer visited me! He he. Nway, I have the same reservations with Trillanes but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. He is an angry man and I guess he will keep the idealism for some time.

intsik said...

kahit di ka manalo bro, i still believe na maganda ang blog mo... hehehehehe

speaking of trillanes, i just hope he does not disappointment like what some of his predecessors did to many Filippinos. military men in the legislative should do more not only to the development of AFP but as well as the Filipinos in general.

kahiya-hiya ang mga baril na un!