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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Moving On

The tempest has somehow ebbed. Sooner or later, the proverbial calm will have to set in.

This despite what was probably one of the most hotly-contested elections in recent history, particularly so in the municipal level. In the island where I came from, this must have been the only election where politically-related deaths were recorded. I hope this does not become a trend.

Truth to tell, I was nowhere near the thick of things. I simply checked the proceedings from the sidelines.

For I have been trying my best to be totally apolitical in recent years. Some years back, I have resolved to resist the possibility of being bitten again by that crazy bug called politics. I have been there, you see, although as a minor player. But the immersion I had when I was younger was enough to plant the seeds of public service and I know that given only a little push, my resolve may just fizzle out.

And that’s one endeavor I cannot accommodate now. Nor the very near future. I’m just not ready to take the plunge.

But despite being uninvolved, I still can’t help but feel sad for my partymates, mostly relatives and long-time allies. The results have by far shown that the political train we used to ride has been derailed, and that inevitable changes are in the offing.

Just the same, that’s how the game is played, and the only way to meet a debacle of this sort is to face it with grace.

True, the changes that are to come will have impact on the lives of many, including a brother of mine whose livelihood is hitched on the future of Municipal Hall. I recognize the fear that envelopes him now, as with the rest of his peers.

But the march through life goes on and we should let the new victors take the spoils. The verdict is in, and sadly, there’s no room for any motion for reconsideration or appeal. I can only hope that this new step will indeed bring us to better directions and that the new leaders will be magnanimous in their victory.

It is therefore, time to move on.

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