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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Toast to Success

The Adamson College of Law tendered a testimonial dinner to its 20 bar passers last night.

The ceremony was simple but the mood was unmistakably jovial. It was obvious that the school was proud of what we have accomplished. With a passing percentage of 48%, our performance landed us within the top ten schools in Metro Manila, besting among others, San Sebastian, UE, PLM, PUP and MLQU.

For the first time, we met our teachers on a different plane: as equals. It felt weird being called “pañero” by people you dreaded just a few months back. But with the privilege formally conferred, we can’t help but strike back (kami pa!). As we all had the chance to speak, we took turns roasting our professors who made law school hell on earth. It felt great (nye he he).

When we dared to enter law school, we knew we had to shed off all trappings of pride. Regardless of who we are outside, we were nothing but students inside – the lowest of all mammals. It was our choice that we stepped into the jungle - we should dance with the tune if we want to survive.

I had a hard time adjusting during the early days. It was difficult being the subject of mental torture of teachers, some of whom could even be younger than you. And these teachers mince no words in putting their message across. In my books, the classic line forever attached to me are the words of Professor Abelardo Domondon in our Remedial Law class – “Nakakaintindi ka ba talaga ng Ingles? Ano ba course mo, ha? Yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko, e. You are being allowed to reach 4th year even if you know nothing!”

I brought this out last night and we all had a good laugh recalling just how blanked-out I was that recitation night. I did resent the harsh words at the time, but now that I have proven myself (ahem), all doubts in the past, I guess, have been erased. So, okay na rin ako.

Being a former teacher myself, I know where the professors are coming from when they get utterly mad. For most of them who are there not for the money but for the passion to teach, it could really drive one nuts when students fail to meet expectations despite the teacher's efforts to prepare for the class. But when it’s harvest time, I know how happy and proud they are that their wards have accomplished what they aspired for. All the pain inflicted in the honing process were nothing personal. Just part of the game, so to speak.

And we understand.


carlotta said...

congratulations! now i know who to call pag nakakulong ako lol =)

aryo said...

hmm. pano ka naman posibleng makulong? sexual harassment? hehehe

tutubi said...

AdU? schoolmate kita :)

alwaysfaith said...

yes. we understand. hahaha. i am happy for your success.

Dustin said...

ninong pasalubong naman pagdating mo.dami mo nang utang sa akin.hahaha.

Anonymous said...

ninong pasalubong naman pagdating mo.dami mo nang utang sa akin.hehehe!

Anonymous said...

hay naku ewan di ako marunong!