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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Catching Mr. Spidey

They were talking about it excitedly this morning - those who braved the long queues on opening day.

And they talked like they just conquered Mt. Everest. Their individual sagas were filled with tales of pushing, shoving, running and fighting in the theater corridors. And at the end of it all, they were all abuzz about how beautiful it was.

Can’t help but give them their day. They after all, had the bragging rights to being among the first to have watched it.

I wish I could have taken the same trek yesterday, but I just don’t have the patience for waiting in line. No, it’s not my legs, joker. I’m just characteristically impatient.

I’m sure it will take weeks for the crowds to clear out, so I would still have to endure days of consciously evading the topic, lest I take out all the excitement in the experience.

But someone somewhere probably read my thoughts. From out of nowhere, this message was in my e-mail:

“We will be having a special screening of Spiderman 3 this coming Saturday, May 5, 6:30 pm. I will be sending 2 tickets for your company. The following are on our guest list:

Mr. Areo Andarino

Kindly anticipate as I will send the said tickets to your office. Hope to see you on Saturday!

Ahh… Happiness can be just a ticket to the movies. And with no prospects of pushing, shoving, running and fighting in the theater corridors, I sure will have a better day.


Just got the ticket. And wonder of wonders, I-Max pa pala! At me extra pang isa!!

Hmm. Sino kaya i-invite ko he he.


Anonymous said...

ako! ako! ako!


Faith said...

Lucky you! I haven't got to see it yet....I'll wait till the lines die down and then be sure to let us know how it is. =) The previews look way interesting!

Rochelle said...

Hi! I clicked on your link from my friend Faith's blog and saw that you are Filipino! Me too! I like the title of your blog. I tend to write a lot about missing the ocean. I have been to the Philippines, but only to visit. I lived on Guam and in Hawaii. Have a great day!

Bon & Czarie said...

pare koy, libre ako sa sabado
baka gusto mo ako isama. hehehe.

aajao said...

ay gusto ko sana kaya lang napanood ko na :p

yatot said...

aaah... no time for spidey... busyness for the whole month of may! i wish i can watch it too!

aryo said...

Mandaya: Andaya mo ha. Parang ka ng multo sa blogworld. Pakita ka na kasi uli.

Faith: will try coming with a post on Spiderman.

Rochelle: Nice meeeting you. I have friends now living in Guam and have been inviting me to come over. I wish.

Bon: Sorry. Me nauna ng nanalo ng ticket. Tsaka dapat si Czari kasama mo manood. Ka-level e. hehe

aryo said...

Nonoy: Buti ka pa nauna na. Sige lang. Next time pag me pa premiere kayo, invite mo ko ha. Pag meron ako, number one ka na sa listahan ng invitees ko he he.

Yatot: tama ka. me mga bagay na mas importante. unahin mo na muna.