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Monday, April 16, 2007

Handling Failure

I was the one who broke the bad news to a friend who was not in Manila when the bar exam results were released. I was talking to him on the phone as I read through the names – which did not include his.

I really didn’t know how to handle the situation. It was obvious from my voice that I was still excited from my own success, but at the same time, I had to show that I commiserate with his pain. And I really did. But how can one share in the pain while he is in extreme joy? Tell me.

There were other very close friends and some acquaintances of mine who suffered the same fate. Some of them even congratulated me but expressly asked not for me to text back. In my mind, I could hear them crying.

I wish I could in any way lessen the pain and depression, but I’m sure that no matter what I’d do, these are already etched in their hearts.

I know. I’ve had one failure too many. For years, I have lived through a challenge that until today doesn’t want to desert me. In my life, victories always come by installments.

I have yet to fully recover from the severe battering I got, but I’m living on. So, I hope my friends will find the same courage to just cruise through the pain. Maybe it would help if we all believe that there is a proper time for everything. Just allow the future to unfold and understand things from there.

I have earlier thought to send inspirational text messages but I decided otherwise. So, I hope my friends will not misunderstand the silence. I just think that at this time, any intrusion into their peace will only break their brittle resolve.

But I do hope to see them soon in brighter spirits.


yatot said...

that's a very hard situation nga... i mean.. how can someone express his joyfulness in his/her own heart if someone close to you is grieving or sad in a situation like failing a national exam for becoming lawyers... it is really hard to break the bad news... but of course... the truth will set everybody free... sooner or later they will know that they failed, right? at least, i guess mas mataas ung level of acceptance kapag galing sa isang friend kasi at least alam nyang may karamay siya instead of knowing that he or she failed all by him/her self...

utakGAGO said...

the same thing happened with UPCAT. i had a classmate who went online to see the UPCAT results.

i told her that i passed UPCAT and that i am so happy with whaht happened!

then, she told me that she didn't passed the test.

i was nonplussed, then naisip ko na ang yabang ko pala.

just share his/her sympathy.