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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Trip, Old Road

Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to the Land of the Rising Sun.

It’s going to be one new experience for me – a different life for sure.

I’m excited but apprehensive at the same time. I’m been through this road before and sadly, history wasn’t too kind to me. But I have learned my lessons, so I hope they’ll serve me well this time.

I hope to fill this blog with details of my stay in Japan, but I’m not sure if by any chance I could. Truth is, this trip could actually spell the end my stay in this little corner of the worldwide web.

Bahala na si Batman.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Mystery of the Blue Envelope

Note: It’s too early for Valentine’s Day, but what can I do? :-)

I never expected a follow-up, convinced that somebody was just moneyed enough to spend for a joke.

But just a few minutes ago, a familiar face came knocking at my office cubicle. I knew him – the same man who brought the
blue rose!

He handed to me a blue, transparent envelop. I need not guess from whom it came from. Has it now become a persistent joke?

I tried detaining the delivery man for interrogation, but I would not want any brush with the law. I simply pleaded for information regarding the mysterious sender - but he wouldn’t budge. “Napag-utusan lang po”.

Inside the envelope was a card with a native necklace/band. Plus a note that can only be described as “mushy”, if only it were true.

I knew I had to blog about this but I wasn’t sure if I am at liberty to spill the contents of the note. But whoever sent it must have known that I’ve featured the rose already, so I might as well just keep the saga going. And given the anonymity of the source, I surmise that this is the only way I could communicate with the giver.

So here goes the note:

Some people make up beautiful love poems or put down the perfect words in a love letter … I’m not very good at things like that … I’ve tried to tell you in my own little ways how much I care for you..

Today, I just needed to have it down in writing --- “for keeps” - …because what I feel for you is getting so deep and strong … and even though this is just a simple missive made of ink and paper … remember when you hold in your hand how much love is behind it …

Someone who cares..

Whew! Now tell me, how am I supposed to react to this? Honestly, I am still clueless until this very minute. Or probably I’m just too “manhid” not to notice?

But anyway, I’m leaving the country in a matter of days and I’m quite sure I won’t be mysteriously receiving anything from hereon. And given the limited time left, whatever thoughts I have of an early Valentine’s Day will just be for naught.

So to whoever you are, thank you for the great feeling your gifts generated (I don’t even know how to call it). For whatever it’s worth, I’ll just be inspired by the fact that somewhere, someone cares for me, even only in jest.

It somehow convinces me, I’m not a hopeless case after all.

Monday, January 21, 2008

EDSA Doused

I didn’t even realize it until I heard it's passing on radio this morning. Now it’s confirmed: it wasn’t really an anniversary worth celebrating.

I was in Taiwan when it happened. There was no Filipino channel there so the only media coverage available were snippets from CNN. But thanks to modern technology, I still had up-to-date reports from friends who were in the frontlines – excitedly, amidst the noise, describing to me via cellphone how Mendiola and EDSA have once agained transformed into oceans of flag-waiving, slogan-chanting patriots.

And when Gloria took her oath (see Gibb’s better prose), CNN featured the entire proceedings for the mesmerized world to see. Incredibly, it was history repeating itself so soon. Only in the Philippines so far.

That very moment, I stood as one proud Filipino. That I was in a foreign land made the situation more melodramatic. I think I even cried a tear or two.

When the dust settled, my fellow expats downed a few bottles and continued discussing the resulting scenarios and what they hold for us and the Philippines.

Never did we think that it was to become our first and last celebration for the triumph that was EDSA.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Mystery of the Blue Rose

Somebody just pulled a prank on me.

But I’m tickled pink.

If I have done something good to deserve it, I don’t know. But that the sender exerted money and effort just to put the message across is by itself worthy of appreciation.

To whoever sent this ……

..... thank you very much. I wish I could personally thank you for the smile that it caused.

Truth is, when the lobby guard called to inform me that a flower delivery boy is looking for me, I got thrown off my seat. And it got everyone in the office giggling. More so when they read the note which says:

“I wish there were more ways to say all that you’re to me.”

Hmm. Maybe it wasn’t a prank after all. :-)


Friday, January 11, 2008

To Hell with GSIS

Warning: This post contains language not suitable for children.


That’s my kilometric, unedited, gibberish rant, as I am now angry and frustrated.

All because of the god-damned office called the GSIS.

I just got out of their hell-hole of a headquarters, without accomplishing anything despite being there for three hours.

Some of you must be aware that the stupid management of this useless government agency earlier came up with the bright idea of automating their delivery of services (read: commissions from suppliers). Docile and submissive as we have always been, we went thru the taxing process and got what they call the e-Card.

But since there are so many bright minds in the agency, only after about a year, these abusive dimwits (or is it clever?) decided to add a “Plus” to the e-card, but altogether dumping the first card! If you were in our shoes, wouldn’t you just wish that these stooges get hit by three successive lightnings for even conceiving the idea of requiring all of us, present and retired government employees, to go thru the same tedious exercise?

It’s been a while since the issuance of a new card but it’s only now that I decided to go with the flow. To my deepest regret.

I went there, sat by the zigzagging musical chair queue and spent two hours ranting at the inefficiency of the system (there were only two persons handling the encoding and finger printing). When it was almost my turn, one operator informed everyone that she will be having her lunch break. Only one frowning colleague was left attending to their poor customers..

When I finally got to sit by the computer, the best news was spilled: my record has problems in the posting of payments. I have to go somewhere to update it but since it was lunch break, no one can attend to me.


I also brought with me letters from my mother inquiring about her retirement. With no time to spare, I decided to just have them received.

But those manning the customer relations desk would not accept the letters. Their job, they claim, is just to refer persons to the proper office. But since I did not want further discussions on the matter (kaya nga sumulat e), I insisted on looking for the office where I could leave them. They referred me to the Office of the General Manager. As I was handing the letters to guard, she said: “ Ay sir, di pa po pwede. Lunch break pa po.”

They should be thankful I didn’t have superpowers. They should have been turned to warty frogs by now!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Those Weddings and Me

I went to a colleague's wedding last Saturday.
And I’m now so close to boycotting similar ceremonies in the future.

Not that I dread them. It’s just that they normally create situations for friends and relatives to steal the thunder away from the starry-eyed couples and wander instead to torturing me with their constant amazement to my single-blessedness. A few more years and I’d probably feel like I’m a walking freak show. Darn!

It now seems that all those who care are all too willing to be part of the grand conspiracy to bully the hell out of me to get hitched. At every opportunity, you’d hear them telling me of the urgent need to focus on the personal side of life as against the yearnings for more career advancement. Some would go to as far as reminding me of my mortality and the importance of leaving a legacy. Meaning, my life, by itself, is never enough? Hmm.

Okay. I am not saying I do not see where they're coming from. I just cannot help but be amused that they look more desperate than I do. From where I stand, I could actually see a prelude to a shotgun wedding, if only it were possible. He he.

As it is now, I’m still not in the mood to accommodate and please my "tormentors". True, the proper time may simply pass unnoticed and leave me with nothing much to hold on to, but that’s my choice. Honestly, I do recognize the essence of continuing my bloodline and leave a memento to my existence when I'm long gone, but what can I do? If only I could procreate by my lonesome ...
I’m still happy the way things are and I have yet to really feel extreme pressure to surrender my carefree ways. They may not believe it, but some people could be happier alone.

At least for now, I am.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Leaf ... New Life

Back to work…
Back to the usual life. Back to pursuing new dreams … with the breaking of a new year.

Adieu, 2007!

It has been quite a wonderful, remarkable year. One page in my life history etched with a bounty of good memories.

Passed the Bar … settled a long-running issue… traveled far… met new friends... gained more respect.

I hope 2008 will be as loving.
And shower me with gifts 2007 missed. Love perhaps? :-)