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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Song In My Mind

I wish I could sing this song now.

But no. Not yet. Not all things are in place. Yet.

I'd have to wait.

As usual.

I have no choice. The gifts I receive normally come in parts. Always incomplete.

Maybe I just have to appreciate every blessing that comes my way. Regardless of its nature.

And then believe that there is an appointed time for everything.

No need to rush. Really.


Dhon Jason said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. hehe, we're islanders in the city.

Abaniko said...

While you wait for it, enjoy the thought that the thing you look forward too is likely to happen. Cheers!

carlotta said...

that's my class's class song in high school. =)

aryo said...

Dhon Jason: Thanks for hopping by.

Abaniko: The long wait is kindda tiring me out but I can't give up now. You're right. I'll just stay hopeful. The end is near.

Carlotta: Me nahila ba akong mga matatamis na alaala ng high school? :-)

carlotta said...

for the record, aryo? i hated high school. graduation lamang ang matamis na alaala ko heheh. =)

aryo said...

Carlotta: At least napawi ng saya ng graduation ang lahat ng sakit, he he. Ako, I love high school. Life was much happier, much simpler then.