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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cry, Koko

I bet the COMELEC will soon canvass the Maguindanao COCs. And if the figures are what they are purported to be, Migz Zubiri will then be proclaimed the 12th senator-elect.

Sad, but legally plausible.

Our election laws specifically designate the COCs as the basis for canvassing the votes for Senators. If there are questions as to their authenticity, the COMELEC en banc, acting as the National Board of Canvassers, may check the election returns (ERs) but only for the purpose of correcting the alleged discrepancies. That’s what the COMELEC presumably did when they recently visited the now-infamous province. (I smell "laying the groundwork".)

And since most of the base documents (ERs) have been “recovered”, the COCs must now be opened, and read. But the lawyers will have to engage in a battle royale so as to prove whether or not the COCs are authentic. Of course, we all know they are not (Proof? Just look at Bedol’s face.), but on their face they are. The forms will be regular, the required signatures and thumbmarks will be present. No erasures too.

The claim that the results are statistically improbable will be dismissed as irrelevant. The NBC will claim that it does not have the jurisdiction to determine so. (The High Court once said it can, where the fraud is so palpable from the return itself; res ipsa loquitur — the thing speaks for itself).

The verdict? All objections will be “NOTED” (familiar, huh?). But since the COCs are valid, they will have to be counted. Migz will eventually overtake Koko in the tally.

No amount of protestation will stop the proclamation. Pre-proclamation controversies are taboo for national posts, including House Reps.

Koko’s legal recourse is to file an election protest. Which will be resolved some time 2013.

Unfair? Of course. But this is the Philippines.
(Note: Koko hopes that the Supreme Court, following the Lagumbay doctrine, will order the COMELEC to initially disregard the Maguindanao tally for being "statistically improbable". That way, he gets to be proclaimed as senator and turning the tables around, Zubiri will have to file the requisite election protest. The latter will then have the burden of proving that the Maguindanao votes were valid. Possible? Yes. Probable? I'm afraid not.)


aethen said...

Manong Koko, was once been a great senator. he was also deserving for the 12th spot in senatorial race. Zubiri, on the other hand, was also a young law maker. he was really strong here in Mindanao. I am from South Cotabato. though, i have not voted for both of them, i still trust them, i also believe in them. i just have not considered them in my list of ten senator candidates. all of them were in, expect parades.

Maguindanao election process was really that dirty. worst. the COCs will be for Migz. no doubt.

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

ewan ko ba. alam kong may dayaan na nangyari sa maguindanao pero di ko talaga type ang koko na yan. iba ang dating nya. parang ang yabang.

out of topic pero ito naman ay sa akin lang...

aryo said...

Aethen & Mandaya: While I do root for the opposition, I have to admit, I prefer Migz over Koko.

For three reasons:

1. Koko could not even win as Mayor of Cagayan de Oro City. His kababayans must know something we do not.

2. I don't like having 2 Pimentels (or Cayetanos, Estradas) in the Senate. Let's have other minds if possible. Di lang naman sila ang magaling.

3. Migz has good track record as a legislator. Koko, before he threw his hat into the political ring, was just busy enriching himself. Never heard of him getting involved in any worthy cause.

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

and, 4. koko even failed to get the top post in the senatorial race in his own city, cagayan de oro. Migz topped the race there even if his bailiwick is the neighboring province of bukidnon.

aryo said...

Got that Mandaya. I've heard of it, and was suppsed to cite it as one of the reasons, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the info.

Pedestrian Observer said...

All things considered this is what Maguindanao is all about the ability to change the course for the tail enders that brings in the moolah to the greedy tongelec backdoor operators of the garci kind.

The issue that should concern us here is how we continuously allow the shameless manipulation with impunity even costing people's lives such as Musa Dimasidsing.

I will not be surprised if the Supreme Court finds evidence of fraud and those responsible are not held accountable because in the land of cheats justice is tilted to favor those are in position...... I hope I am wrong on this one, meaning if I am it will be a first in Philippine pathetic electoral contest where the culprits are held accountable.