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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enjoying Solitude in Boracay

Of the thousand and one travel plans I envisioned as I went home, only the trip to Boracay came true.

I went there alone, and remained alone the entire time. It may sound strange, but honestly, I had fun.

It was fun taking pictures of the beach, the sunset, the night scene and yes.. the people.

It was fun reading a book under the ample shade of coconut trees.

It was fun walking the kilometric stretch of powdery sand, with no one in tow but my fake crocs.

It was fun taking a boat ride with raucous strangers, who made sure they show everyone that life is best lived with buddies.

It was fun having a sumptuous dinner with only a candlelight to converse with and listening to a MYMP-sounding gal while enjoying intimate moments with a gang of San Mig lights.

And it was fun retiring to the resort cottage where once again I had the pleasure of meeting old idols in Pinoy Box Office movies.

I tell you, am going back there.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heat Me Up, Baby! :-)

If there is one thing I dread as I return to Japan, it is the harsh winter. I know, it's not comparable to the cold in Alaska, Canada or some other parts of the globe where temperatures tread the celsius by the negatives, but it is cold enough for me to be a source of great discomfort.
And it's not even snowing yet!

I am naturally a tropical person and I think my body is no longer capable of evolving or adapting to this environment - it's just so different from its normal habitat. Call it a case of the spirit being willing but the body protests.

Actually, I would not really be complaining if the winter cold assaults me only when I'm on the streets. Problem is, I have been quite unfortunate too in my choice of living quarters where I usually end up with those with faulty heating systems (or maybe it's really just my body). Thus, even while I'm home, I feel like living in a freezer where I lose control of my motor functions (imagine a recurring epileptic fit). Going around is painful as the icy wooden floor numbs my feet. Cooking is not as fun as it used to as the water could be just as piercing. And let's not even talk about washing clothes.

How I wish there's a fast forward button to life so I could skip this season.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Return

The apartment floor and my furniture were covered with thin films of dust as I arrived – a testament to the fact that I’ve been gone for quite a while. A month and 10 days to be exact.

That for sure was one long furlough (it was not pure vacation though), but for me who thinks that the Philippines is home and where I ought to be, that stretch of time is painfully short. Not just due to the normal sentimental reasons, but more because I left with still a lot of concerns hanging.

But of course, I have to wake up to the hard fact that I have to work to earn my keep, and must thus pursue with passion the professional goals that were laid on my shoulders. I too have a lot of things to work on here and it will also be to my personal satisfaction if I were to accomplish my mission.

So, even if I left the Philippines with a heavy heart, I shall now move forward, and grasp this reality with the positive thought that there will be time for me to actualize my plans. Time will fly fast, and much sooner than I think, I shall be back to the place I call home.

I am back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trapped by the Waves

The downside to living in an island is the effect of unpredictable weather. Once in, it's unsure how one could get out when nature suddenly throws a tantrum.

During the December breaks, it has become normal for us islanders to be wary of the sea. If it displays its mighty waves at the time one is scheduled to leave, there's nothing else he can do but to wait until it settles to navigable levels.

A few days ago, I almost missed most of my new year appointments when no boat was able to cross the sea for two days. As I show you the pics below, you'll surely understand why.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Christmas Like No Other

Ei, pips! I’m back in Manila.

It’s been quite a while, huh! For more than two weeks, I was stuck in my island-hometown (Capul, N. Samar), re-bonding with family, friends and neighbors. I have not spent Christmas and New Year there since probably six years ago, so my presence really meant a lot of catching-up.

That meant primarily two things: getting a daily dose of liquor from parties all over town and making-“tambay” in the neighborhood “tong-its” and “chismisan” venue. I tell you it was fun.

But while most of my time in the island was admittedly spent in hedonistic pursuits, I did try to put a deeper meaning to my Christmas celebration. This I did by organizing a caroling-with-a-twist, where instead of soliciting funds from those we sing to, we gave modest gifts instead.

What we handed out wasn’t really much, but I know our recipients, who were mostly the elderly, truly appreciated them. The vibrant smiles we triggered and the appreciative prayers we received confirmed that.

And for me and the rest of the young singers I asked to join me, it was a heart-tugging experience, an emotional ride to a reality we didn’t realize, exists in our place. So as we sang the standard Christmas hymns with more meaning than usual, I’m sure we all realized that despite the many challenges we face, we still are a lot more blessed than some of our brethren.

With that, I guess I could say that I did have a complete Christmas vacation.