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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quezon Memorial Circle

This is one place I regularly go to for a morning jog capped by a glassful of taho. But until last weekend, I haven't yet laid a close look at the monument that immortalizes one of the country's greatest leaders.
It's just now that I can say it actually is a captivating work of art.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Now, No Doubt About It!

I am home.

The trip back to the country was perfect. Fast counter service at Narita; on-time flight out. Upon arrival, I was first in the immigration line and as soon as I got past it, my name was already being called through the public address system, directing me to where my "insider guide" is waiting. The baggage came out fast. Driver was ready just as I got out of the customs area.

But the trip from the airport took more than two hours. It could have been just 30 minutes during better times. Hmm.

Monday, I renewed my expired driver's license. I sneaked out of the office during lunchtime, only to find the LTO office closed until 1:00 p.m.. No problem of course, the employees eat too! But right in front of their clients, many of whom have abstained from lunch just to stay on the line? Hmm.

I was first on queue, but somehow, two other persons were called ahead of me. I complained. But nonetheless, the transaction took "just" about 3 hours. Fast?

Then I went to the Nokia Customer Center at the SM Mall of Asia to buy new casing for my cellphone. I was number 65 and one of the counters was already attending to number 56. I decided to wait - for two hours! When my turn came, I was told that I should leave my celphone as it should only be them who should install the parts. I asked if I can I get in a while. Nope, I had to get it the next day. I had no other phone, and for pete's sakes it was just a casing! I left fuming mad, but not after delivering a sermon to the moronic staff.

I indeed am home!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Homeward Bound

the epitome of calm

I am now checking the passage of time, no longer by weeks or days, but by mere hours. Soon enough, I will be tugging my luggage to the train station and board the earliest trip to the airport. A few more tick-tocks and i will be cruising above the clouds. Then it will be home.

There are uncertainties to this trip, particularly with regard to my continuing stay in Japan, but truth is, I am not in any way concerned. I am just dying to be home - where life is how I want it to be. Add of course the fact that at Christmastime, there really can no better place but where your heart rests comfortably in the presence of relatives, friends and other loved ones.

See ya all folks!


Let me leave you some of the photos I took from our recent trip to Lake Inagako in Yamanashi Prefecture, as we tried to capture the last moments of autumn. I hope that with this set of pics, I would be able to convey the peace and calm that I hope we will all feel this Christmas.