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Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Interview Questions (From Abaniko)

1. "He is no lawyer who cannot take two sides." - Charles Lamb. Your comment?
  • True. Lawyers are trained to defend whichever side the client brings to the table. Regardless of where your passion or conviction lies, your true worth as a lawyer is measured by how well you advance your client’s interests. Ideally, where the contending lawyers are both excellent, justice in the end still prevails, because presumably, the side handling the truth will be at a greater advantage. The other side will just have to be consoled by the thought that his rights were properly defended and protected.

2. If you could switch bodies with a famous person for a day, who would it be? Why?

  • Just the body? Brad Pitt of course! His is a physique I can only dream of. He he. But if we consider the life co-existing with the body, I’d love to switch with Bill Gates. Which means I’d then be using the virgin side of my brain (bobo po ako sa math!). And with the money and power he commands, my one day will surely be one hell of an experience. I’m just not sure if he’d still want it back after I’m done with it. (lol)

3. What movie changed your perspective about life? Explain.

  • There had been quite a few, but I guess “Dead Poets’ Society” tops the list. I watched it at a time when luxury and I were very much strangers to each other. I was then living with an aunt’s family and I had to sneak past midnight just to have access to the VHS player. In my lonesome, the movie’s theme of fighting for his passions and even dying for it struck a very sensitive chord. I remember I cried unabashedly (well, I was alone). I realized then that while I do have a myriad ambitions to chase and dreams to fulfill, I still just have one short life to live. So drive gung ho if I must but never should I forget to smell the roses and seize the opportunity to be happy.

4. If you could bring only 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?

  • Things lang? Walang persons? He he. Kidding aside (My! These are very serious questions!), the three things will be:

1. My cellphone (hoping of course that there’s a signal there). I wouldn’t mind getting stranded for some time as long as I have contact with the outside world.

2. A swiss knife or any other multi-purpose tool. This will allow me to build at least a temporary shelter if the stay is short. If the stay gets longer, then I could use it to plant/harvest crops. If I need to be more adventurous, it could help in building a raft.

3. I wish I could say a good book pero pa-cute lang yun. I don’t think I’d have the interest to read. I’d rather have anything that would lull me to sleep. Even a transistor radio would suffice. Makapakinig na lang ng drama sa DZRH.

5. You are doomed to a life of disability. Select which one: farting noisily every hour or pissing every 30 minutes?

  • It should be the latter. If there’s one thing I abhor the most, it is toilet humor. Farting in public has never been a source of fun for me, even if it were with the closest of friends or family. Pissing every 30 minutes could be more inconvenient, but it will at least require me to pass it in private. Should there be times where such is not possible, the good old Pampers will be handy. Or bladder bags.

There you go. Thanks Abaniko for these questions. I had fun figuring out what to say here.


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

dapat ang dalhin mong transistor radyo ay yung may picture ng young janice de belen na nakapangalumbaba at naka-smile. para naman may tinitingnan ka habang nakikinig ng drama

Abaniko said...

I thought my last question was difficult. When I read your answer, I said, "oo nga naman ano? Pampers lang ang solusyon. Hehe." BTW, I thought you'd say you'll bring a life-size doll to a desert island. LOL!

Great answers there. Thanks for being game. :D

Abaniko said...

Siyanga pala. Favorite ko rin ang "Dead Poets' Society". Kinilabutan ako sa palabas na yun. Masyadong malakas ang tama ng message. Galing. :)

carlotta said...

natawa naman ako dun sa answer mo sa number 4 (3rd item). =)

aryo said...

Mandaya: He he. si Julie Vega yata ang sa amin noon. Halos nagkalasog-lasog yata yun dahil sa agawan naming magkakapatid. Magdamagan ang gamit nun. Tanda ko pa, pinipitpit namin ang baterya at binibilad sa araw para magtagal ang buhay. :-)

Abaniko: Life-size doll? Oo nga no. Pwede rin yung gawing salbabida pag nagkataon.. he he.

Carlotta: Nakalimutan yata kasi ni Abaniko na taga isla ako so pag tinapon mo ko sa isang deserted island, para akong pagong na itinapon sa tubig. Kaya me transistor lang, solb na ko. :-)

Gina said...

Wooo, Abaniko asked some tough questions...And you answered each one with aplomb.

Good show,Reo! ;-)

Natawa din ako sa comments and your answers to the comments..I do remember those radios with the pictures of sikat personalities. Aside from the rabbit ears/antenna, sometime we kept repositioning the radio in order for it to get the best signal.

gibbs cadiz said...

aba, close na kayo ni abaniko ha? aver, aver! :) hehe. sabagay, seize the day, ika nga ng fave movie mo. make your lives extraordinary daw, sabi ni professor keating. hehe, love ko din yun, especially ethan hawke. aay, erase! :)

Rochelle said...

This was pretty cool. And I like to come visit your blog and read your comments. Helps me brush up in my Tagalog which I never speak anymore! :(

jc.guiyab said...

ako dadalhin ko 1 ton of food lahat yun naka preserve parang yung mga preserved food ng mga astronauts. tapos 100 cubic meter ng tubig. syempre naman desert yun no mainit kelangan ko maligo at uminom ng tubig.

tapos isang transistor radio. para di boring

tapos kung makikipagpalit ako ng katawan gusto ko kay angelina jolie para si brad ang asawa ko.. ahahahahhahahaha

jc.guiyab said...

na link na po kita... thanks for reading my blog... hehehhehe

Gypsy said...

Hi, hopped over from nabiktima ka rin pala ni Abaniko. Hehe. Great answers! Re #4, I would probably say a Satellite Phone and a Laptop, para maka blog pa rin! :)

Mon said...

Hi there!

Ok ang pili at solution mo sa #5.

aryo said...

Gina: Thanks for the visit. Di ba ansaya nga nung transistor lang ang source ng entertainment? Minsan kailangan pang umakyat ng puno para makakuha ng signal. At very portable! Kahit nagcocopra ka sa bundok, pwede siyang isama. :-)

Gibbs: oo close na kami ni abaniko. Di ka na daw niya kasi ma-reach. He he.

JC: Thanks for the link. At talaga namang Angelina Jolie...:-)

Gypsy: I should thank Gibbs for routing you here.:-)

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