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Monday, February 5, 2007

Tale of a Heart

This is about my Mother’s heart.

She’s scheduled to sign-out of the Philippine Heart Center anytime today, after having an angiogram yesterday.

The results showed that she had a main artery partially blocked, necessitating a bypass – soon.

It’s never easy getting news of this sort. One is always in the pink of health until a check-up bares a different color. After that, everyone gets his own dose of mortality checks.

Even just with the prospect of an angiogram, Nanay was already visibly afraid. It didn’t help that we know so little of the procedure. She only eased a bit when I gathered literature from the internet as to what it was all about.

Now, I shall be surfing again for information related to heart bypass. I hope knowing the process will at least provide her comfort.

We still have to gather every one to discuss how we’d all meet the challenge. Medyo nasa denial pa yata lahat.

I’m confident that the doctors at the Heart Center are competent at what they do, and performing heart by-passes are but regular parts of their daily grind. They are the best in the field.

The bigger part of the worry is where to source the funds to finance the operation. Were we blessed with obscene riches, the procedure would have proceeded immediately.

Pero wala eh. Just like any other Juan dela Cruz, we do not have enough savings for the rainy days. That’s why we’re given some time to gather the money. I’m sure it’s going to be an uphill climb (ang hirap kasi talagang maging mahirap!), but who cares? It’s a mountain that has to be conquered regardless of the cost.

Bahala na.


Dos Ocampo said...

lets just pray she'll be fine.

aryo said...

Thanks, Dos.

sol said...

i love it.. i only have the time to open it today.. and its kinda timing.. im still nursing my broken spirit after losing my mother, 87 years old last jan. 16. . suddenly i lost the apetite for everything.. suddenly i lost all the reasons to do anything... i purposely avoid my diary at this period because i am pretty sure that all will be about heartache, unfulfilled promise, useless dreams...

but yeah.. why not.. after all these are all a part of me.. a very important part of me.. and i think its ok not to be ok sometime.. especially when you lose the one important reason for living..

thanks my friend..


dorkzter said...

tnx for visiting stinking xanga blog. goodluck to ur mom!! she'll be fine! if you just pray hard!! :)

Ross Delantar said...

Hope your Mom gets better soon... Sana nandito si Greg House. :p


blogerista said...

get well soon sa nanay mo..

i'll include you and your family in my prayers...

tnx pla for the greeting...

aryo said...

Thanks Dorkster. Ross likewise. Dahil sa yo, nag-ipon na ko ng DVD ng House. Di ko kasi type dati.

Blogerista, salamatsky.

Belle TH said...

hello! first time to visit your site. my husband had a bypass four years ago. i knew how it felt, but things are going to be alright. the hard part actually of by pass is the recovery. just keep praying.

Mys Lyke Meeh said...

did ur Nanay recovered?

Hopefully! Ya?