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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chilly, Windy Chicago

The sky was clear when I woke up. It was about 8:00, just okay as we came home quite late from Hooters and another local bar the night before.

I smiled when I saw the sun brightly shining. "Good day to tour the city", I thought.

And it could be a nice time for a decent jog too. So I tried checking the temperature outside. Nice try, he he. I wasn't even able to put my foot out. A chilly wind immediately pushed me back to the warm insides of the house.
"Hooh! That was cooooold!"

So this is Chicago, the windy city. Now I know how it got such tag. The wind does make the air cooler.

But since I’m here on tour, I can’t just stay home and watch tv. So off we went, with my hosts Don and Loi Bascon to downtown Chicago.

We first went to the Museum Campus where the Adler Observatory was. Pretty spectacular! And the view of the city was simply great. Check these:

We drove around the city center and went up John Hancock’s Signature Room. It’s at the 96th Floor. The view of the city and the lake was awesome.

We then visited my good friend, Michael Jordan at the United Center. He indulged us with a nice pose.


carlotta said...

which is cooler? sanfo or chicago?

love your pics! that was really a perfect day for you to tour the city =)

nga pala, magkakaron na raw ng hooters dito, sa the fort ata. =)

Gypsy said...

Galeng!! But that Michael Jordan statue is not accurate..his tongue should be hanging out!! ;)

Coldman said...

Welcome to Chicago! Enjoy ang pamamasyal!

dean said...

hehe... post ka naman ng pic na kasama ka..

Lazarus said...

you must be enjoying your US trip very well. :) ang saya-saya. chicago is surely one of those cities i'd like to visit.


take care sa biyahe..

jean said...

agree ako kay dean, dapat kasama ka dyan sa mga pictures.

Rochelle said...

I haven't been to Chicago in years!! Great pics!!

aCey said...

nice city... looks clean!

LAWSTUDE said...

panyero my brother lives in chicago, hope to go there someday. ganda ng mga pics.

aryo said...

carlotta: Chicago was far cooler than SanFo. I went there to catch some snow, pero wala. nag snow nung nakaalis na ko. kainis! :-)

Gypsy: oo nga no? di ko masyado nasilip dila ni lolo e. :-)

coldman: asan ka na?

dean: ayan.. me pic na ko. :-)

aryo said...

lazarus: yup. chicago is nice. mas madaming tao. at fashion conscious!

kris: thanks!

Jean: sige na nga. maglalagay na ng pic ko.

Rochelle: You should go visit it again. But i guess summer should be the best time.

acey: it should be one of the cities you should visit one day.

lawstude: you should start planning you itinerary now. it's really great to travel.

Abaniko said...

I bet there's a lot of accidents happening in that revolving door....