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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Arizona's Big Hole: The Grand Canyon

“What? We drove for hours just to see this big hole?”

This was purportedly said by one of my host’s kids when they went to the Grand Canyon before. Well, at the time, he was still young.

For me, the place was spectacular – God’s work at its best! It really deserves its place in the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. As I marveled at the fantastic gorges, I dawned on me just how small I was - just an infinitesimal speck in the vast sea of God’s wonderful creations.

I thought I have been accustomed to heights (remember, my favorite pastime is oggling at people from my 20th Floor workstation), but looking down the mile-deep fissures made me realize that my stomach has more to learn. I had to stay far from the edges (there were areas with no railings) to feel safe.

(P.S. Ako yung tumalon na blonde ang buhok sa second pic). He he.


dean said...

hehe... blond ka jan! pakita ka na ng face pic mo! ;)

aryo said...

dean: ako nga yan! swear! :-)

carlotta said...

balot na balot ka ah ;D

dean said...

gusto naman close up ng face mo!

Gina said...

Would love to see the place someday!

Wrapping up your USA vacation na? Will you be home on the holidays ?
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Reo.

Abaniko said...

" small I was - just an infinitesimal speck in the vast sea of God’s wonderful creations."

And you haven't even seen the Milky Way yet from a good vantage point.

ian said...

super blessed ka indeed! when we went there noon, the weather was so bad we saw NOTHING but fog. and may flu pa ko hahahaha nagkasya na lang kami sa panonood sa IMAX theater tungkol sa Grand Canyon =p

*sniff sniff*

did you get to try the skywalkthingie? yung naka-jut out na see-through platform?

jean said...

now its much better, kaya lang dapat closer pa sana para maniwala sila na blond ka nga talaga.