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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wandering... Wondering

I just got back from jogging inside my host family's posh neighborhood here in Surprise, Arizona.

It's past nine in the morning but the place is entirely deserted. Not a wandering soul in the streets. Everyone's at work, I understand.

Now I know this is life in America. Nice and cozy houses, flashy cars, super-sized food - all gotten through hard work. Not a single hour is wasted on making "tambay".
I like how that sounds, but I'm not quite sure if that's the life I'd like to live for the rest of my life. I guess I still treasure the considerably laidback life in the Philippines. The money may not be as much, but I do have more time to smell the roses.
Anyway, the jogging part was good, as I haven't had any decent exercise since I arrived here in the US of A. It was hard to push some sweat. It's cold in here.
While running, I tried dreaming of having any one of the houses I see. My mind drifted, wandered. This life, if brought to the Philippines could be my heaven. Oh well.
When I decided to get back home, I got lost in the maze of like-looking villas, all wearing shades of brown. It took me some time to re-trace my steps and figure out where to go. He he. Tangent, di ba?


carlotta said...

i must say, mas ok nga magjogging/maglakad jan kasi fresh ang hangin di katulad dito sa maynila.

siguro 2 jackets sinusuot mo ano? lamig na jan diba hehe =)

aryo said...

Actually, maaraw sya kaya medyo bawas ang lamig. Parang Baguio lang. Kaya kahit nakashirt lng. Pa-cute baga. he he

Abaniko said...

Wala bang humabol na mga aso sa yo? God, I remember jogging in Dallas, Texas before and I was chased by dogs. Natakot talaga ako. So I ended up walking meekly all the way back to my friend's house. Kasi pag tatakbo ako, mas lalo silang humahabol eh. Hey, punta ka ng Grand Canyon!

Rochelle said...

Awww... it takes more than we realize to appreciate the laid back atmosphere of the islands. We work so hard here, and sometimes never get to enjoy the fruit of labor! At least that is how I feel these days! I have been to Sunrise! I used to live in Phx.

aryo said...

Abaniko: Pati yata aso, nagtago rin e. Tahimik talaga ang lugar. Yup! We're going to Grand Canyon on Friday.

Rochelle: I see things in proper perspective now. Life in the US before was just movie stuff but I got to feel it first hand here. It's great, but there are things we have to forego. You lived here in Sunrise before? That's nice. The weather's cool now but I was told it could get hell-hot.

Coldman said...

musta na ang Amboy? pa jogging-jogging na lang tayo dyan ha?! Hahaha! Ingatz !

aryo said...

Coldman: Thanks! Ikaw ang tunay na Amboy! :-)