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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sleepless in Vegas

We're at the Fairfield Marriot in Las Vegas right now. I planned to blog about it later, thinking I could first grab some sleep before I go to Reno tommorow.

But as REM was about to set in, I was jolted from sleep by the unceasing shrieks of the fire alarm.

Actually, I thought it was because of the batteries I was charging. It just came to me that it could have exploded or something, thus the alarm. I was therefore more shattered than the others.

Good thing it wasn't. The Japanese guy at the counter can only say it was false alarm.

Now, the guests have grudgingly gone back to their rooms. I wanted to too. Problem is, I can't seem to regain headway back to dreamland.

That's why I'm now facing the computer. Oh well. I'll just have to finish this post and then try counting sheeps. Or casino chips. Anything.



So how many sheeps have you counted? lolz..

Coldman said...

grabe, nasa vegas ka na ngayon, mukhang nililibot mo ang buong US ha? Amazing! =)

carlotta said...

hope you have already caught some z's by this time =)

jc.guiyab said...

wowwwwwwwwwww vegas!!! nakita mo atty. yung building na pinabagsak nila?? yung oldest casino at jan???

punta ka ba grand canyon???? dalhan mo naman ako ng bato??? hehehehe

take care!

aryo said...

Kris: I lost count ofthe sheep. Must be the "margarita by the yard" that kicked in.

Coldman:I just have gracious hosts. Di ko kaya pag ako lang. :-)

Carlotta: I finally did.

JC: Yup. Galing na ko Grand Canyon. I'll post the pics as soon as I get settled. Sayang nga lang. Ngayon ko naisip mgbitbit ng bato. :-)