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Thursday, November 15, 2007

NBA .... Live!

I think I lost whatever little interest I had with the NBA after Michael Jordan’s first retirement. Not that I was a big fan – it was just the time when I got busy and got diverted towards other concerns.

But when my host-friend, Ryan, asked me if I would like to watch a live NBA game, I surely didn’t have any second thoughts. I knew it would be something I could talk about, spiritedly, when I get home.
So we went to the US Airways Center where the Phoenix Suns played against New York Knicks. Neat, huh.

The game turned out to be a rout. The Knicks looked tired. The Suns didn’t even need to exert much effort to demolish the stunned opposition (we didn't know that Stephon Marbury left the Knicks earlier). Even Steve Nash became goal-shy. He simply orchestrated plays and left the limelight to Grant Hill, Shawn Marion and Amare’ Stoudemire.

But we did have fun. I almost lost my voice begging for the souvenir shirts being thrown out. I had a picture taken with one of the cheerleaders. And most of all, I had beer and tacos while watching the game. Beat that!

From now on I’ll be watching the NBA games again. Need I say I’ll be rooting for the Phoenix Suns?


carlotta said...

wow astig! mas masaya nga kung nakakanood ng live game no?

nung nasa texas naman ako dinala ako ng cuz ko sa toyota center kung saan naglalaro ang houston rockets pero di kami nanood ng game.


yatot said...

wow! ur friend must be very generous! hahahha.. gusto ko din syang i-friend para naman makapanood din ako ng live games ng NBA! ^_^ V yebba!

decemberchalks said...

uy, a lawyer who watches the NBA games and blogs is a delight to me because it means to say i am not alone hehehe :)

your blog is a good read. saw your link through pee jay's

dean said...

saya naman nung experience mo!!!

aryo said...

Carlotta: Mas masaya sana kung close ang game. Tambak e.

Yatot: Mayaman talaga it lang talaga. Pinagtiyagaan ang pamemerwisyo ko. :-)

aryo said...

Decemberchalks: Ei! thanks for the visit. will read you for sure.

Dean: Oo nga e. At least, di ba.

LAWSTUDE said...

Wow. It's nice to know your having a great time there.

How I wish I cud watch the Spurs live. I have been a Spurs fan in the 90s and became a bigger fan now.

Take care.

jean said...

Ang ganda naman ng mga pictures mo. Have a good time there!

aryo said...

Lawstude: Yup. Am doing great here. Ginagaya lang kita. he he

Jean: Sino pong Jean ito?

aajao said...

huwaw! ok ang seats nyo ah. ako twice nakanood ng NBA Live pero parehong sa "Sprite Zone" lang-- katumbas noon eh Brgy. Ginebra Gallery sa pinakatuktok ng coliseum pero pinakamasaya at magulo. hehe.. pasalubong! :P

Abaniko said...

Cool. Didn't you have any pic with any of the player? That would have been a great piece of remembrance. :)

aryo said...

aajao: pa Fedex ko na lang pasalaubong ko. pwede na ba sand ng disyerto? he he

Abaniko: tinawag namin si Grant Hill pero di kami pinansin. :-)