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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lake Ashi, Hakone

Some Philippine government dignitaries came a-visiting a few days ago. During their spare time, their hosts brought them to scenic Lake Ashi in Hakone, and I tagged along.

Unfortunately, weather was not perfect for taking pictures. We saw a glimpse of snow-covered Mt. Fuji as we approached but I did not join the group in snapping photos, confident that I will have better angles as we reach the target location. No such luck.

We were supposed to take the lake cruise, but the schedules did not fit our hectic run. We just took the cable ride up the ropeway to catch the aerial view, but snow fell as we were midway. Visibility was poor when we reached the deck.

Well, i hope i'd get lucky some other time.


RAD said...

you should inform me... i know the weather!
dahil sa buhay... weder weder lang yan! bwahaha!

r-yo said...

Kuya Kim, ikaw ba yan? he he.

totomai said...

he is the weatherman lol.

magyaya ka naman uy. punta ka sa exhibit sa weekend?

Fjordan Allego said...

ayos po diyan ah?

balang araw, makakapunta rin ako ng ibang bansa at makakapamsyal din.. nakakainggit kasi yung mga trips ninyo!

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