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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Japan Wins WBC!

After getting trashed at the Beijing Olympics, Japan took sweet revenge against bitter rival South Korea when it bagged today the World Baseball Classic championship. This victory now causes a lot frenzy here as many Japanese never really thought that this team can beat the seemingly stronger Koreans.

Baseball in Japan is a very popular sport. Almost all vacant spaces here are turned into diamonds and almost all the kids are into it. For good reason - this is one sport where height or bulk is not king. That's why Asians are now ruling it, turning powerhouses like the US and Latin American teams to mere bridesmaids. In recognition of the Asian talent, even the US major league teams have Asian supertars.

I was just wondering, just when will we Filipinos realize that basketball is definitely not for us? Baseball is the way to go, for pete's sakes! Or any other sport that suits our body type.

(pics taken from Yahoo!!)


totomai said...

expect this news to be on TV for at least a month haha

r-yo said...

toto: sinabi mo! :-)