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Friday, January 11, 2008

To Hell with GSIS

Warning: This post contains language not suitable for children.


That’s my kilometric, unedited, gibberish rant, as I am now angry and frustrated.

All because of the god-damned office called the GSIS.

I just got out of their hell-hole of a headquarters, without accomplishing anything despite being there for three hours.

Some of you must be aware that the stupid management of this useless government agency earlier came up with the bright idea of automating their delivery of services (read: commissions from suppliers). Docile and submissive as we have always been, we went thru the taxing process and got what they call the e-Card.

But since there are so many bright minds in the agency, only after about a year, these abusive dimwits (or is it clever?) decided to add a “Plus” to the e-card, but altogether dumping the first card! If you were in our shoes, wouldn’t you just wish that these stooges get hit by three successive lightnings for even conceiving the idea of requiring all of us, present and retired government employees, to go thru the same tedious exercise?

It’s been a while since the issuance of a new card but it’s only now that I decided to go with the flow. To my deepest regret.

I went there, sat by the zigzagging musical chair queue and spent two hours ranting at the inefficiency of the system (there were only two persons handling the encoding and finger printing). When it was almost my turn, one operator informed everyone that she will be having her lunch break. Only one frowning colleague was left attending to their poor customers..

When I finally got to sit by the computer, the best news was spilled: my record has problems in the posting of payments. I have to go somewhere to update it but since it was lunch break, no one can attend to me.


I also brought with me letters from my mother inquiring about her retirement. With no time to spare, I decided to just have them received.

But those manning the customer relations desk would not accept the letters. Their job, they claim, is just to refer persons to the proper office. But since I did not want further discussions on the matter (kaya nga sumulat e), I insisted on looking for the office where I could leave them. They referred me to the Office of the General Manager. As I was handing the letters to guard, she said: “ Ay sir, di pa po pwede. Lunch break pa po.”

They should be thankful I didn’t have superpowers. They should have been turned to warty frogs by now!


Anonymous said...

hehehe...and i thought that after all the years you've spent in the bureaucracy you are already numb and unmindful of red won't be Philippine government as we know it without inefficiency....

Gina said...

Talagang que horror,que barbaridad!#$%^&^&*^*(&%^$^^ . I hear about those e-cards from my parents who are both retired govt employees, and how they are making life kind of hellish to most retirees. Ang daming rekotitos. They have to go to this office,etc.etc.,It's almost like the govt doesn't want to give money due them. Ewan. I hope this will be addressed and the processing/renewal (whatever) will be much easier , kasi kawawa naman ang retirees talaga. At least one of the lawmakers should advocate this and protect the rights and privileges of retired public servants.

LAD said...

Kuya link exchange tayo. :d and about your inquiry of photography tutorials, hmm, im thinking of that. thanks for the idea. haha

at wag masyado mainit ulo!! tatanda ka agad niyan hehe. wala pa akong e-card na yan, might as well get that soon.

Coldman said...

parang sobrang galit nyo naman sa GSIS. Pagdasal na lang po natin sila. =)

aCey said...

ooooooohhhhh... that is bad, that is bad... ang pilipinas talaga.

LAWSTUDE said...

"By working together in one accord and toward a common vision, we can pull onward to greater dynamism and growth not only for clints whom we are duty-bound to serve, but more so, for the entire Filipino people." - PGM Winston F. Garcia

Dapat isinampal mo to sa mga tiga GSIS. Bwahahaha.

Lazarus said...

I can't say the same thing to SSS. Boss namin dati sa PWC si dela Paz. he he.

But I'll see about it when I apply for a loan this week.

Juz said...

oh my... i know how it feels..

i went there with my grand ma! to fix her Stuff with them.. grabe tlaga.. whole day sh*t ang nangyari.. we've been passed window to window..

ok lang if its me alone,,but my poor lola suffered fatigue and aching legs! grr

just now, while writing this, my aunt and grandma went there usual,,bigo sila!!

tsk tsk...

Megumi's Mumblings said...

Thanks for adding my blog ( no matter how few my entries are at the moment) to your blogroll!

I'm so sorry for your GSIS experience. Grabe talaga ang "pila" blues sa Pilipinas, as we'd also experienced when we visited home this Christmas. Incidentally, my friend just started working as a researcher for GSIS yesterday.Can I fwd your blues to him hoping he might help you.

islander_aryo said...

Megumi: Sure. Any help will be appreciated. I will be leaving for Tokyo next week so I really wish I'd get some resolution before that. Thanks!