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Monday, January 21, 2008

EDSA Doused

I didn’t even realize it until I heard it's passing on radio this morning. Now it’s confirmed: it wasn’t really an anniversary worth celebrating.

I was in Taiwan when it happened. There was no Filipino channel there so the only media coverage available were snippets from CNN. But thanks to modern technology, I still had up-to-date reports from friends who were in the frontlines – excitedly, amidst the noise, describing to me via cellphone how Mendiola and EDSA have once agained transformed into oceans of flag-waiving, slogan-chanting patriots.

And when Gloria took her oath (see Gibb’s better prose), CNN featured the entire proceedings for the mesmerized world to see. Incredibly, it was history repeating itself so soon. Only in the Philippines so far.

That very moment, I stood as one proud Filipino. That I was in a foreign land made the situation more melodramatic. I think I even cried a tear or two.

When the dust settled, my fellow expats downed a few bottles and continued discussing the resulting scenarios and what they hold for us and the Philippines.

Never did we think that it was to become our first and last celebration for the triumph that was EDSA.


carlotta1924 said...

i was also happy then, considering my political view is generally apathetic. i even marched and everything. so maybe only for that time i wasn't. :P

dyou think it's still worth to have another edsa if only to oust gma?

islander said...

If there is one administration worth an EDSA, it's GMA's. Problem is, it's not going to happen again. The people have grown very apathetic with government that they don't care anymore if goes to the dogs.

curbside_puppet said...

there will never be another EDSA people power. Unless the Filipinos would have a renewed sense of oneness.

Genereally, we are apathetic at present.

Mojo Potato said...

i was in the frontlines of the satellite rally in bacolod during EDSA 2 as a student leader in the visayas condemning Erap's malfeasances...only to find out a few years later that what I've fought for was such a waste because there's still no change in the system...WTF

LAD said...

i was there. in the midst of the crowd.

but not to support, para lang maki usyoso haha. bata pa ako nun.

daming tao. mainit.

anyway my post din ako tungkol jan, mga a week ago.

nga pala, wag kang mainggit sa photos, haha. ang masarap na pagkain ay nauubos din at nawawala.

at sana kayanin na ng powers mo ang ibang food photos ko soon hehe