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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Mystery of the Blue Envelope

Note: It’s too early for Valentine’s Day, but what can I do? :-)

I never expected a follow-up, convinced that somebody was just moneyed enough to spend for a joke.

But just a few minutes ago, a familiar face came knocking at my office cubicle. I knew him – the same man who brought the
blue rose!

He handed to me a blue, transparent envelop. I need not guess from whom it came from. Has it now become a persistent joke?

I tried detaining the delivery man for interrogation, but I would not want any brush with the law. I simply pleaded for information regarding the mysterious sender - but he wouldn’t budge. “Napag-utusan lang po”.

Inside the envelope was a card with a native necklace/band. Plus a note that can only be described as “mushy”, if only it were true.

I knew I had to blog about this but I wasn’t sure if I am at liberty to spill the contents of the note. But whoever sent it must have known that I’ve featured the rose already, so I might as well just keep the saga going. And given the anonymity of the source, I surmise that this is the only way I could communicate with the giver.

So here goes the note:

Some people make up beautiful love poems or put down the perfect words in a love letter … I’m not very good at things like that … I’ve tried to tell you in my own little ways how much I care for you..

Today, I just needed to have it down in writing --- “for keeps” - …because what I feel for you is getting so deep and strong … and even though this is just a simple missive made of ink and paper … remember when you hold in your hand how much love is behind it …

Someone who cares..

Whew! Now tell me, how am I supposed to react to this? Honestly, I am still clueless until this very minute. Or probably I’m just too “manhid” not to notice?

But anyway, I’m leaving the country in a matter of days and I’m quite sure I won’t be mysteriously receiving anything from hereon. And given the limited time left, whatever thoughts I have of an early Valentine’s Day will just be for naught.

So to whoever you are, thank you for the great feeling your gifts generated (I don’t even know how to call it). For whatever it’s worth, I’ll just be inspired by the fact that somewhere, someone cares for me, even only in jest.

It somehow convinces me, I’m not a hopeless case after all.



kakainggit naman...

maybe the next parcel will contain a blue movie?

Warrior said...

As you have said, just take it in jest. The sender could just be some jerk making fun of you. Women, even prostitutes, don't go into this kind of prank to send you a message of love.

the medium said...

why dont you meet her up before you's the clue she is a gorgeous and amazing lady...she wants to meet u personally but how did you find the way of showing her feelings???

carlotta1924 said...

then again, valentine's day is less than a month away.. who knows? =)

san pala punta mo? will u be away for a long time?

Juz said...

awww. another mystery gift..

well u must be one hot guy! hehehe

oh well, uber advance
happy valentines.. ^_^

blue arden said...

ohmygodohmygod, this is even better than Coffee Prince!!!

Anonymous said...

Hulaan ko..... secretary mo! Ano ka ba, manhid? Duh?

aCey said...

oh my you have a secret lover!

sweet note.

by the way, bisay diay ka?

bisdakbabbles said...

so sweet! :D

amicus said...

naks. :) this might be love.

coldman said...

malapit na ang valentines, at least someone cares. =)

the nomad said...

what a nice letter. i guess someone (no, make that sometwo) can't wait for Valentine's to arrive. =)

islander_aryo said...

Kris: Me movie bang "Blue Bayou?" he he.

Warrior: Mainit naman masyado ulo mo. Hayaan mo na ang tao mag trip. :-)

Medium: Isa ka pa! Halika nga rito ng madagukan kita. Sabihin na kasi para mapag-usapan! :-)

Carlotta: Punta po ako ng Japan. Sama ka? :-)

islander_aryo said...

Juz: Hot guy ka diyan. Mainit ang ulo kamo. :-)

Blue Arden: Uber ka! :-)

Anonymous: Una, wala akong secretary. Alalay lang po ako sa office. Pangalawa, yung secretary ng boss namin, kuripot yun! imbes magpadala ng kung ano-ano, pambili na lang nya ng gatas. he he

islander_aryo said...

acey: Proudly Bisaya. Waray.

Bisdak: Sweet nga sana e. Pero pana pag pang-asar lang?

Amicus: Yehey! Love is in the air!

Coldman: Wala yang yang valentines. sigurado akong malamig na naman to as usual. :-)

Nomad: Two na ba? Yaiks!! Di kaya ng powers ko! :-)

blue rose said...

Kelan ang exact date ng alis mo? i really want to meet you, but i dont know how... and let me clear lang din, what i am doing was not out of fun or joke...

fye said...

whoa. double whoa. you better be solving the mystery behind that blue rose before you leave the country so you can bring her to japan as well para happy ending! weehee.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Yihee. May lablayp na ang kuya ko, hehe. Juk! Kuya, just enjoy the feeling kahit di ka sure if true man yan o magtatagal yan.

Anonymous said...

nice to know that you were inspired by that gift, simpy knowing that someone cares for you from about. some dont.

btw, have a safe trip to japan

Gina said...

Hi Reo!
Have u discovered her identity na?
Holding my breath here =P

Abaniko said...

Magaling magsulat ah. Tingin ko si Gibbs yan. Niloloko ka. :P

Abaniko said...

If this be true love, I wish next time you'd post about another item sent to you by the secret admirer with this title: The Mystery of The Blue Case With A Million Bucks In It.

david santos said...

A beautiful place here!
Excellent post!
Thank you.
have a good day
wonderfully written

islander_aryo said...

Blue Rose: Talaga lang ha... :-)

Fye: Babaunin ko na lang ang mga alaala. Yaiks! Corny!

Keitaro: Kaasar nga e. Nagkalovelife na nga sana, sa multo pa yata! :-0

islander_aryo said...

Anonymous: Thanks! Arigato!

Gina: Walang umaamin e. Me text pa nga pero madrama talaga.

Abaniko: Patay ka ke Gibbs! He he

David: Thanks for the visit!

LAD said...

aryo, hanggang ngayon di mo pa rin kilala sino yang mystery sender na yan?

baka ako yan.

haha... anyway, new tutorials are up. at may gift ako for you and for all dito.

salamat. :D

LAWSTUDE said...

wow. i am intrigued lolz. the case of the blue secret admirer. love on panyero.

Rochelle said...

so did you ever find out who wrote the note?

Islander said...

and there was a follow up.

could this be the next love story to make it big in the internet ala subway love affair? if you are the patrick moberg, who could be that camille hayton? lol.