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Monday, January 7, 2008

Those Weddings and Me

I went to a colleague's wedding last Saturday.
And I’m now so close to boycotting similar ceremonies in the future.

Not that I dread them. It’s just that they normally create situations for friends and relatives to steal the thunder away from the starry-eyed couples and wander instead to torturing me with their constant amazement to my single-blessedness. A few more years and I’d probably feel like I’m a walking freak show. Darn!

It now seems that all those who care are all too willing to be part of the grand conspiracy to bully the hell out of me to get hitched. At every opportunity, you’d hear them telling me of the urgent need to focus on the personal side of life as against the yearnings for more career advancement. Some would go to as far as reminding me of my mortality and the importance of leaving a legacy. Meaning, my life, by itself, is never enough? Hmm.

Okay. I am not saying I do not see where they're coming from. I just cannot help but be amused that they look more desperate than I do. From where I stand, I could actually see a prelude to a shotgun wedding, if only it were possible. He he.

As it is now, I’m still not in the mood to accommodate and please my "tormentors". True, the proper time may simply pass unnoticed and leave me with nothing much to hold on to, but that’s my choice. Honestly, I do recognize the essence of continuing my bloodline and leave a memento to my existence when I'm long gone, but what can I do? If only I could procreate by my lonesome ...
I’m still happy the way things are and I have yet to really feel extreme pressure to surrender my carefree ways. They may not believe it, but some people could be happier alone.

At least for now, I am.


fye said...

you're entry reminds me of Will Smith's Hitch movie.
i've read this somewhere: "sometimes it's fun to be lonely."

and yeah, cheers to all the singletons. yeah? yeah!

happy new year!
hope you don't mind me grabbing your linkie.


LAD said...

solution: find a partner.

haha... i think dapat ka na ngang mag asawa, to the person you like syempre.

at hmmm, sige para sayo, aalisin ko na ang full page add ko sa bestdiet hehe. :D pasensya sa pang babadtrip gn ad habang nagbabasa ka hehe

Ais said...

I have the same dilemma.. During our xmas reunion, instead of greeting me merry xmas, my relatives' usual opening lines were, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and "When are you getting married?" Then I'd hear comments like "It's hard to bear a child once you hit 30" I wanna say "Fine shoot me for not thinking my only purpose here on earth is to pro-create". haay, nakakafrustrate!


my lola got married when she was 50+..


age cant stop love.

carlotta1924 said...

..but some people could be happier alone.

amen to that =)

aajao said...

ugh. that sux. bakit kase ang hilig mangealam ng ibang tao sa buhay ng may buhay eh, ano? pero pansin ko, pinoy lang ang mahilig sa ganyan. pag tungtong mo sa mid 20's, ayan na... puro "kelan ka mag-aasawa?" ang babati sa yo. eh bakit? papakainin ba nila ang magiging pamilya mo at pag-aaralin ba nila ang mga magiging anak mo?

bwiset, no?

aryo said...

Fye: Cheers! Mabuhay ang mga soloista! he he. Sure! you can always grab my linkie! he he

Lad: andali ng solusyon no? saang tindahan ba yun nabibili? :-)

Uy, censya na sa ad. nareremind lang kasi ako na mag diet. he he. seriously, bigla na lang kasi sya sumusulpot.

aryo said...

Ais: Welcome to the club! :-)

Kris: Antindi naman ng Lola mo! Pero wala yun sa Lola ko .... he he.

Carlotta: alien!

Aajao: At least ikaw, one foot in. Konti na lang, tanggal ka na sa mga target. Good luck! :-)

nice said...

yeah, the new year demands me to have a new blog template. hehe! thanks for visiting, mr. aryo ;-)

nways, hmmm... i also feel the same as you do. people seem to be more desperate upon knowing that i am still single at the age of 26. who cares? the fact is, i am loving it!

im still upgrading my blog and i felt stupid when i accidentally deleted my links, including yours. please give me time to re-edit my links. i am still busy with work. good day!

Abad said...

Tipikal na Filipino wedding. Nagkalat ang "kaylan ka ba magaasawa?" Parang sa mga reunion na piupuntahan ko, "kelan ka ba gagraduate?" ang kaibahan lang natin, ikaw ayos lang na maging single. Ako hindi na magandang nagaaral pa rin ako after 5 years. Haha. Sa kahit ano mang mapagdesisyunan mo sa hinaharap, good luck.

islander said...

Nice: you're only 26? don't get fooled. there still are hundreds of adventures ahead of you that are better experienced alone. :-)

abad: di ba 5 years naman talaga ang engineering? he he

lazarus said...

aryo, when the right time comes, you'd be ready. (or I might say: be prepared always!) for now, no need to hurry! Enjoy life!

Gina said...

I got married at 33, so I was considered a 'spinster' by some people's standards. I dreaded going to weddings sometimes because of that 'catching the bouquet' thing. All it does is put the spotlight to 'poor, unfortunate,lonely and alone' ladies. =( So talagang , minsan, sarap i-boycott ang weddings.

Don't let these people bully you,lol.
If it's meant to be,it's meant to be.
All the best in 2008,Reo!

Coldman said...

bitter or pressured? joke lang po.

ganyan talaga ang buhay. =)

LAWSTUDE said...

"If only I could procreate by my lonesome ..." - atty. aryo

This has gotta be the statement of the year!!! I love it.

Cool lang panyero. Wala sila pakialam kung personal choice mo ang maging single. Kasi kahit ano naman gawin mo laging may comment pa rin sila eh. Let us just enjoy our life. Naiingit lang sila.

dean said...

it's your life... sino ba sila?

masarap pa ring maging single!

Gypsy said...

Haha! I know what you mean! This reminds me of a text I got awhile back:

"Remember how your annoying old aunt would nudge you during weddings and say, 'You're next..'? Well, you can do the same to her when you go to funerals.."

Happy new year!! ;-)

Mystique said...

single and happy by choice !

aint disturbing at all

islander said...

Lazarus: Actually, ready na lahat. Kumpleto na entourage. isa na lang kulang. :-)

Gina: Funny thing is, nagnininong na rin ako sa kasal. Tama bang isali pa ko sa saluhan ng garter? how's that for spotlight!

Coldman: Bitter nga yata. he he

islander said...

Lawstude: I'll take it from someone on the same boat, he he. Enjoy life, we will!

Dean: I could sense dun ka rin yata papunta, he he. Peace Kuya!

Gypsy: Hmm. Sige. Try ko gamitin yan.

Mystique: Thanks! Now I'm feeling better. :-)