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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unwilling Suspension of Disbelief

I can’t believe some people would think we Filipinos could be so dense we would just bite every moronic idea they ply on TV.

Take these:

Governors, after vehement denials, now claim it’s their organization’s funds that were given out to Among Ed and the other Malacañang guests. Sure! But how about the pious and moralistic Cong. Abante who already admitted receiving advanced Christmas gifts? Congressmen are now members of the Governor’s League? Susmaryopes…

GMA, after hearing a report on the attempted bribery of the not-so-brave Sec. Nery, ordered a secret investigation to verify the allegation. Talaga lang ha. So what should we expect then? A clearance of course. Now, in the light of discovery the largesse distribution in Malacañang, the PAGC has been ordered to investigate. Hohumm..

And the most blatant stupidity of all, who on earth believe that people would kill each other over a chicken recipe? Just how many ways could fowl be cooked talaga ha? If I fry my chicken like McDonald’s, could I get sued for unfair competition? Naknampatatas namang Ysabella yan oo! :-)


LAWSTUDE said...

Panyero relax lang. ;-)

aryo said...

Panyero: he he. Kaya nga ayoko ng mag-post ng political comment. Naha-high blood ako! :-)

john be anonymous said...

buti pa ang mga politicians madaming pera.. hay..

carlotta said...

kaya rin naman hindi ko na binabasa ang headlines. at kahit mga palabas sa local tv... gimme a break.



uy! high blood ka yata ngayon?!