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Thursday, October 4, 2007

SOS! Engine Dead at Mid-Sea!

PAGASA reported that a typhoon was approaching the Philippines when we tried crossing the sea separating mainland Samar and our island. But since the Coast Guard did not stop our boat from leaving port, we knew it was okay to take the trip. And besides, we islanders are used to cruising rough seas, so off we went.

The boat was jampacked – about a hundred people on board. There was only one available boat actually, so there really was no choice but to join the huddle, not just in its belly but all over. Did I just say overloading? Honestly, I wasn’t sure. Probably not.

We experienced heavy tossing and rocking as the boat plod its route, but it was, again, normal. Until we reached midway and then .. the boat stopped. It’s engine unceremoniously conked out! Initial reports from the people at the back said that the boat just ran out of fuel. Fine.

Then the crew tried starting the engine. First pull … nothing. Second … nothing. Ten times hence, the people starting panicking. And thanks to the wonders of technology, there was cellphone signal at mid-sea! People immediately started calling and texting contacts in the island, asking for any possible help.

We drifted for about 20 minutes, cradled by the seemingly taunting sea. Some crew have already jumped to the sea to check the problem from below. By then, we were already being pushed out of the way by the current, the boat's bow now facing the Pacific. Not a funny prospect, I thought.

From afar, we saw a boat approaching us. That gave us assurance that things will be fine. Help is on the way.

Fortunately, after so many agonizing tries, the engine revved back to life. Soon after the rescue boat reached us. Yes, this boat!

We laughed hard seeing that it was so small, it could have just accommodated two persons just in case there was need to abandon ship. Well, better than nothing, he he. We could have just drawn lots.

The text brigade has already caused a stir in the island, so as we approached, there were already a lot of people massed at the docking area.

And as we finally reached shore, we all had a story to tell.


Coldman said...

God is good. I'm glad you are safe.

ian said...

panalo ka! mabuhay! maligayang pagbabalik mula sa... bingit? hehe

ingat! [saludo]

carlotta said...

oh man, glad to know you got there safely! i also experienced the same thing when i was in northern palawan with some relatives. but then there was no cellphone signal at all so the "captain" of our dive boat had to use the radio. hope you enjoyed your trip! =)

Gina said...

Hey, that must have been scary .
Thanks God you're all safe and nothing "unthinkable" happened.
Glad to see you back in the blogosphere.
By the way, any chance you saw Angie C.? We are the host batch in LMA in NOv. of 2008 , so I would like to contact her.
Be safe now =)

pepe M. said...

god, i would have freaked out for space is my phobia!

intsik said...

Katakot naman pero at least ur safe na!

What's with October at lahat halos ay bumabalik sa hometown nila. like me anoh. :)

aryo said...

Ei guys! Thanks for the comments. Truth is, it wasn't really a cause for concern to us. We've been thru more dangerous times. I was actually more freaked out by the other passengers throwing up as the boat rocked like crazy. :-)

aryo said...

Gina: I have yet to see Angie but I will try my best to inform her of your need to communicate to her. Pwede ba ako sumali sa homecoming na yan? Pleeease?!