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Monday, October 8, 2007

Giving in to Pacquiao

With a Solar Sports pay-per-view subscription, a friend invited me to join him and the rest of his townmates and neighbors in watching the Pacquiao – Barrera fight live. With nothing much to do, I went. As soon as I arrived, I challenged everyone to a bet. I was rooting for Barrera.

Not that I thought Barrera was the better fighter. It’s just that I’m getting annoyed with Mannymania. I can no longer take the hullabaloo about every petty thing about him (alright, I could just be damn envious!) and when he decided to join politics (thank goodness, he failed!), I have more or less firmed up my aversion to anything connected to him.

But boxing is indeed where Manny is King and one just can’t help but give it to the guy for totally lording that territory. Truth is, from the time Kyla sang the National Anthem followed by such thunderous applause, I was already a convert to his cause.

I realized it was then no longer about Manny – it was about being a Filipino. This country doesn’t have much to brag about in the community of nations and to counter the surge of nationalistic emotion is a blow to patriotism. For once, it is Manny’s show that makes Filipinos one in spirit. Try diminishing that impact and you’re guilty of rebellion.

And the adulation is far from being unfounded. Manny knows how to please his people, he knows that sports is also entertainment. That’s why he initiates the contacts, takes risks and taunts his opponent to match his adrenaline. If you have seen the Luevano undercard fight, you would know what I mean. That was one boring fight, a fight between two machos massaging each other with limp punches. That definitely was not boxing as Manny’s dictionary would define it.

And while yesterday’s fight did not turn out as gory as we would all have wished (where’s the knock-out?), it was still something to be jubilant and thankful for, if only for the fun and excitement it generated. The fight had my vocal chords stretched to the limit. It also caused a lot of bonding among friends and neighbors.

What happened to my bet?

Of course I retrieved it early on. Ano ako, bali?! :-)


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

mautak ka talaga!

ako P500 lang ang napanalunan. kokonti lang kasi ang pumusta kay barrera.

carlotta said...

nakakasawa nga pag sobra nang pinapakita kaya keber lang ako sa mga gnyang bagay. pero i'm glad parin na nanalo si manny.

Coldman said...

at wais ka pala! At least panalo pa rin si pacman!

david santos said...


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Gypsy said...

Hehe..buti na lang di mo tinuloy yong bet mo. :P At least with Pacquiao, we have something to be happy and proud about, for a change.

yatot said...

i was also hooting for barrera because pacquiao is politicking too much! and he only fought for himself... he was the only one who earned the money.. yes maybe i was bitter about it! but like what you said... this is now about being a filipino! twisted mind actually i have here!