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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shut Up, Chavit!

I have yet to finish reading the Sandiganbayan decision on the Erap case.

But early in the first few pages of the kilometric decision, it was already pretty clear that as to the allegations on the jueteng collection, Chavit Singson was right in the middle of the illegal activities. In his testimony, he particularly admitted to being the collector of the kickbacks.

Now, is there anyone in this world who believes that he acted merely as bagman and record-keeper? That he simply distributed all those huge sums with nothing going to his own craving pocket? Please raise your hands so I could kill you.

I have no beef with Estrada being adjudged guilty. Let his expensive lawyers speak in his defense.

What gets my goat is seeing Chavit Singson proclaiming himself like he was the Messiah of the Philippine justice system. Immediately after the verdict, he talked of vindication for his sacrifice, of Estrada rightfully belonging to the cells of Muntinlupa and of the judgment being a stern warning to deter further corruption. Uggh! Ang kapal! If there is any one fit to be in jail with Erap, it is him! If the investigators weren’t only inept, there wouldn’t have been need to compromise with him and declare him a state witness.

But that now is water under the bridge. What I only wish is for him to just fade from the limelight. Can’t this @#%^&!! just disappear in peace? Nakakairita e. Nalampaso na nga sa eleksyon, feeling sikat pa rin!


aajao said...

he's (chavit) making his career... in a bad way. ang epal eh. dapat magkasama sila ni Erap na nahatulang guilty. bakit ba nakaligtas yan? ayokong isipin na ang dahilan ay ang pagdikit nya kay GMA.

carlotta said...

KSP lang yan.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! actually, the judges did not base their judgement on chavit's testimony. sabi nga ng isang lawyer, mas malakas ang testimony ni clarissa ocampo and the cousins of jaime de chavez kaya naconvict si erap. just let chavit speak his mind, nobody is paying attention anyway!

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