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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bar '07: Last Sunday

Pardon me, Your Honors!

I know that I have already talked about the bar exams for quite a number of times, but I just learned yesterday that my former classmates and schoolmates are reading this humble blog. And since they saw me taking pictures, they sure would like to see them posted here. So please indulge me. :-)


This year’s exams went well. The time for the agonizing wait has come. But all that is part of the process. Come March or April, a new batch of lawyers will be signing the Roll of Attorneys.

To all the bar hopefuls, here’s wishing you the best of luck!


jc.guiyab said...

grabe ang support ng mga schoolmates and family members and friends nung mga barrista, noh?

kakainggit heheheh

i hope lahat sila pumasa

and ang onti lang pala ng mga nag take ng bar now 800+++

Rochelle said...

I am so impressed with everyone them and YOU!! Such hard work deserves recognition!