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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Virgos!

My Friendster shout-out says: “ This lifetime is not enough for all my dreams, but I’ll still chase as many as I can.” That’s why I can’t help but be bugged by birthdays – it’s like having a drillmaster angrily shouting “double time!!” at me. The way things are, I’m not even half past my roster of ambitions. And with age catching up on me, I dread the prospect of even decelerating.

But someone did say, “once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed.” With that in mind, I guess I’ll just have to push myself and focus on the things I do best. Maybe then, at the end of the road, getting old may not really be that bad.

So today, I’ll just be happy. And I wish that all others who just celebrated or having birthdays soon, will find contentment in what they do. To Gibbs Cadiz, Atty. Jeff Balmores, Glenn Guardiano, my brother Dino and all other Virgos, cheers!


slim whale said...

i used to think that turning 21 was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. i actually wanted to die at 21 because i thought it was too old. when i turned 22, i felt really stupid for having wished that. the beauty of getting old is knowing one's idiocy the previous years, and doing something about it

happy birthday!!!

Gypsy said...

Happy Birthday, Aryo! May you chase and catch as many of your dreams as you can! Warm blessings.:)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dude! More to come!

Wishing you happiness and contentment.

aajao said...

happy (bee-lated) *burp*day!

may friendster ka pala? pambata lang yun! hahaha... j/k :P

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday!! And I must admit I am the same way with birthdays. I try to prentend like I don't mind, but I do... oh well, can't change it, so enjoy it! :)

intsik said...

happy birthday ba ito! :)

musta ka na? ngayon lang ako nakabalik ulit sa blogosphere. hehehehehehehehe

more power to you!

aryo said...

Thank you all, folks!

You're right, Slim Whale. I have had my share of idiocies and I sure I have learned from them. I just need to observe the birthday to serve as starting point.

Nonoy, I earlier thought so too. I only opened the Friendster account while waiting for the Bar results. The things idle people do, he he.

Thanks again, Rochelle and Intsik. Let's all celebrate the passing of time. :-)