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Monday, September 3, 2007

Here Comes the Fiesta!


Actually, the Supreme Court has recently issued guidelines to control the bar operations activities in front of De La Salle –Taft. Among those were:

Prohibition of Noisy Activities. - No noisy activity of any kind shall be allowed in the perimeter area sorrounding the venue of the Bar Examinations from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on any of the four(4) Sundays of the Bar Examinations.

Proper Decorum to be Observed. - No improper or unbecoming conduct in the same area shall be allowed, such as streaking, ati-atihan, bands, fiesta-like activities, that causes disruption or disturbance to the examinees at any time on the day or the eve of the examinations.

Standard to Followed. - The standard to be followed is that of a hearing in court. The examinations are in the nature of a court proceedings and therefore the appropriate conduct to be observed at or near the said proceedings is the same as that at or near a court hearing.

But tell that to the Law Schools which have been preparing for this event even before the release of the past year’s results. Tell that to the Law School fraternities, the members of which expect nothing but the best accommodations from their brods. Traditions die hard, you know.

For my Alma Mater, the Bar Ops just reached crazy proportions. While last year’s was modest (but we actually appreciated the fact that there was not much frenzy during the night prior to the exam day), the send-off this year was uncharacteristically lavish. Imagine this:

A special celebration of the Mass … (which we had)

A helicopter showering confetti on the school grounds …
A brass band playing marching tunes …
A serenade from a Star in A Million finalist …
Pakain galore..
A long caravan/motorcade complete with police escorts, canine and bomb squads.
My, oh my!

I don’t think such feat can ever be duplicated. We were actually kidding that had our send-off been as grand, we would have gotten the inspiration to land the Top Ten. But the truth is, we really wouldn't have wanted such attention. such just would have added to the pressure. That's why, with so much fanfare, this year's barristers will really be hard-pressed to do good. Actually, better than last year, which was already tagged as the best ever result for the school.

As if the hell they've been through was not enough.

I wish them the best of luck.

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