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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Dream Me

They call him a “scum”. “Zero-conscience”.

I shall add obnoxious, irreverent, egotistical, peacock-proud, and a damn-good filthy-rich lawyer!

I dream to be like him. I want to be like him.

I wish I could re-invent myself and metamorphose into someone as feisty and as gung-ho as him. Being coy, conciliatory, tentative and fearful has not served me well.

Is there some place I could go, any machine I could insert myself into, where my personality can be re-engineered to fit my requirements?

I know, Sebastian Stark (SHARK) is just a figment of somebody's fertile imagination and repressed ambitions. He probably could just be a representation of his creators' dream person. But he couldn’t be far from being a real one.

I plan to be one.

And by the way, he’s not that bad. He too is a softie, given family concerns. Good enough, right?


intsik said...

hey! well, we all have our role models. and i guess, someday, you also will find ur niche. :)

be positive, ,my friend. :)

Rochelle said...

LOL!! As long as you stay YOU enough to be recognized!! You seem like a great guy the way you are!

carlotta said...

sino si shark at anong show ito? mukang ok ah. :) criminal cases ba hinahandle mo?

nga pala, thou art just got tagged. check out me blog =)

slim whale said...

i like him already! also want to become like him. i only have one problem, i didn't go to law school.

aryo said...

Intsik: I need stronger role models. I want to be evil. :-)

Rochelle: Thanks. But I want an overhaul. Do you think it's quite late in the day? :-)

Carlotta: I think Shark is being shown in C/S and in QTV. Check it out one time. Tagged? Naykupo...

Slimwhale: It's not too late, bro. With your mastery of the English language, you'll breeze through law school.

Gina said...

Oooooh, James Woods! I like this actor very much. Even smarter in real life,this one. Do you know that he has an I.Q. of 180 and is a member of Mensa?

Interesting show, I guess I should catch it one time (i think it's showing here this season, and in fact saw the trailer). Kaya lang, sobrang about the law,eh, way above my head. I'm sure, you, on the other hand,are able to identify with the show.

Tami said...

How about House? mas masama ata yun e, doctor nga lang. =)

aryo said...

Gina: Yup James woods is great. And with a stratospheric IQ to boot!? Wow! I should therefore get pointers from both the real and the reel personas.

Tami: House has been my all-time favorite for cynicism and meanness. Truth is, I am now alternately watching House and Shark DVDs.

mameejhy said...

haha i also watch that show!

Shark is a very tough lawyer but a very "soft" father...

"In the court, I'm Jordan" (something to that effect...)