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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I am a volcano waiting to explode.

The fiery lava inside my guts now linger dangerously near boiling point. Just a little more heat and pressure and …. Ka-boom! There’s no wrath like a ….

Well, maybe not. It’s probably just not me being explosive. But what do I do? There’s a threshold to one’s self control right?

I just don’t understand why people who have power over other people’s lives would be so grossly insensitive.

Hear this: the Rules, crafted by the agency itself, specifically provide for 15 days to resolve a certain Motion. Such was filed on June 20. E anong petsa na ngayon? Last thing I heard, it’s still being evaluated!

I know, some cases take a much longer wait. So? It doesn’t lessen the impact of this delay; it is bigger reason to seethe in rage.

Lives depend on our justice system. There are those that rely on a piece of paper to move on. Just one little piece. But some fat-a__ed j_rk is sitting on it!

Am I being unreasonable? I guess not. All I ask is for those tasked to dispense judgments to empathize with those begging for their attention and recognize the urgency of restoring the latter’s broken lives. In the first place, they themselves set the time frame. I would not be ranting if it were clear early on that the process will take light years. We would not have even filed the god-damned motion!

Not all have the patience of Job. I pray I will be blessed with it. Soon!!!


Gina said...

Ang puso mo Atty. Aryo!

Must be a stressful job you have and I wouldn't want to trade places with you =P

I'm sure there will be more instances like this , but I guess it's the way the justice system operates.(?????ano nga bang alam ko?)

But hang in there...

slim whale said...

hmmm... why am i not surprised?

carlotta said...

hindi ko talaga maintindihan kung bakit napakatagal ng justice sa atin. ano bang meron at pinatatagal nila?

o sige hinga ka na nang malalim... inhale... exhale... :)

aryo said...

Gina: Ano pa nga ba magagawa ko? Dinadaan ko na lang nga sa pag kanta. :-)

SlimWhale: Yup. Delay is now the rule, not exception. Mas surprising pag mabilis umusad ang kaso.

Carlotta: Sagad na sa kaibuturan ng aking baga ang aking inhale/exhale. Hay..

Gypsy said...

I have a number of lawyer friends who feel the same way--but it is good to hear of lawyers who actually CARE! I am sure your patience will be rewarded. :)

intsik said...

ang puso friend. i would like echo gypsy's comment: Good to hear that men of the law also care...

i like your opening statement. it easily captures the thought of the post. :)

Rochelle said...

Thanks for caring. This was a refreshing post!

aajao said...

bakit ganito sa atin? :(