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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Barops '07- Pre-Bar Party

Barely a month. That’s how much time left for bar reviewees (baristas we call them) to complete their readings. I tell you, it’s a mad dash. This time last year, I was already unbearably panicky. It seemed that my backlog was growing inches thicker by the day.

This was the phase when we were constantly glued to our seats in the library from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., browsing through notes like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues in a haystack. Our only respite were the hourly trips to the coffee vendo machine and downing a few bottles of beer when our eyes can no longer take the beating. There our motormouths take over. I pity those tabled beside us during those gulping sessions as they surely developed high blood pressure listening to our irreconcilable arguments.

The pressure by this time is reaching its peak. It is good therefore to suppress it so that it doesn’t reach explosive proportions. It’s not urban legend when people say some get crazy immediately before or during the bar exams.

And what’s the best way to tackle and beat pressure? Party, of course!

And that’s what our alma mater's bar operations committee did last Saturday. This was the first time it was done in our law school's history and it was a smashing success. Some of the examinees were game enough to be there. The others? Well, to each his own survival style.

Here are some of the pictures of that riotous send-off cum fund-raising party.


Abaniko said...

Looks like you really had fun. I'm amazed at the support the bar takers get from their respective schools. Grabe. Hanggang sa examination day, binabantayan talaga sila. Wow.

slim whale said...

my "barista" friends checked in together at a hotel to review and study together. i just don't know what else happened there. but whatever else they did there, it worked because they all passed!

aryo said...

Abaniko: The school's pride is always at stake at the Bar exams. More so now that the playing field is being levelled, big thanks to the topnatchers from not-so-known schools from the provinces. Alam mo na, mayayabang ang mga abogado, he he. They'd do everything to pamper the examinees just to get the top 10 slots and the passing percentage rankings.

Slim Whale: Please find out "what else happened there". They just might hold the secret to passing the Bar.:-)

Macka said...

Ang saya naman! :D

intsik said...

naalala ko tuloy board exam namin sa PT. wala, nadon ako at nagpaparty! hahahaha sa awa ng Diyos, pumasa! hehehehe

Nice said...

wow gimik! thanks for sharing your happy moments with your co-bloggers, like me. ehehehe! enjoy more!