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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ruffa: Abused? Com'on...

It was an awfully disgusting sight – TV footages of Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas drooling over each other, fully reconciled and even floating the idea of getting married again.

The hell … were they not the same celebrities who declared war against each other in the media? Wasn’t that the Ruffa who claimed to have been abused and battered, with the dramatic recounting of the horrible events all captured by the cameras? Was this not the same Ruffa who sought police protection (read: public funds) so as to deter any possible harm that the same Ylmaz was supposed to be capable of committing despite the oceans that separate them? Is this not the same Ruffa whom Gabriela proclaimed as a poster girl for women standing up for their rights?

Damn! We were duped! The images clearly do not evoke women empowerment. This was plain and simple public deception which trivialized the law aimed at protecting women’s rights.

When Republic Act No. 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act was promulgated, the biggest concern raised was that it could open the floodgates to abuse, having raised the concept of abuse to more than the physical type. The law went to the extent of penalizing psychological and economic abuse, and not only that, these abuses were already deemed committed even if they were only on the level of threats or attempts, e.g. attempting to cause the woman or her child physical harm, threatening to deprive the woman or her child of custody to her/his family and threatening to deprive the woman or her children of financial support legally due her or her family.

Given the uncertain nature of the law (think: how does one prove an attempt to cause physical harm if such is confined to the parties? Or, how do you quantify psychological abuse?), the implementing authorities were very careful in its application such that it can be availed only by people who truly suffered from abuse and may not be employed for harassment or revenge by any woman scorned.

I don’t know with you, but I truly think that Ruffa has given those who doubt the law a reason to be more cynical. She has just become the icon for the dark side of the law – where scheming women can cry abuse to pursue devious ends.

Call me biased, but it never entered my mind that she was indeed abused – what I clearly saw was a showbiz has-been trying desperately to return to her glorious days. The script was all too neat to be true – the theatrical confession, the explosive accusations, the melodramatic baptism by the pool, etcetera). And I only have to look at her mentor – her mother, and look back to her envelope-switching days to substantiate my claim. What I saw on TV last night simply affirmed it (check again that part where Ruffa was flaunting and taunting Yilmas with the gash in her head).

Ruffa just caused a big setback to the fight for women’s rights. And we, the showbiz-crazed nincompoops get the better part of the blame for being big-time suckers. (Insert Ruffa’s and Annabelle’s crackling guffaw here).


carlotta said...

ewwwwwww. kaya hindi ako nanonood or nagbabasa ng kahit ano tungkol sa showbiz chismax.

oi, kitakits sa event ha! =)

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

ewan ko lang ha, basta ang sabi ng taxi driver na nasakyan ko last month sa city, ang pamilya ng annabelle rama ay dating may putahan sa cebu.

ganon din kaya ang ginagawa niya kay ruffa?

lazarus said...

Oh couples! They kiss, fight, make love again, then fight, kiss again, and the cycle continues until such time a new object of love (3rd party) surfaces.

But I think they look good together. And both could just be acting,too.

LAWSTUDE said...

Haven't been able to blog lately because of work and travel but whenever I go on-line I see to it that I visit the blogs of my friends here. Take care and good luck!!! By the way, I know my comment here is out of line/topic. Glad you cud update me.

Tami said...

one word: faker. i don't know how people like that can continue living with themselves. they've turned themselves not only into entertainment, but plain and simple mockery. I seriously can't even tolerate ruffa's voice anymore. kawawa naman mga anak niya.

intsik said...

my landlady and i were so sympathetic to ruffa's plight in the in the beginning of the saga. but after last sunday's blantant display of foolishness, we were one in saying that: niloloko lang tayo ng babaeng ito.

i certainly agree with you. ruffa's claim to have police escort was quite a blow to us taxpayers. yes, she is a fashion icon. yes, she once brought glory to our country but a domestic affair should remain within the bounds of their marriage.

she said it herself; her greatest fault was broadcast their supposed marital problems.


Sexy Nomad said...

Hi islander! I had the same thoughts when I saw them at Embassy Cuisine, holding hands and ever so sweet, a few weeks back. I was actually stunned more than star struck! What a faker! Bleh!

ian said...

one of the first messages my sister sent me when i got here is: one- she's ok, two- Angel Locsin is now a Kapamilya officially, three- Ruffa and Yilmaz are together again. same reaction as yours: WTH! or as the Finns say it- PERRKELE! hahahahaha i LOVE it! i SO MISS the philippines!

† alleicarg † said...

well, maybe, may be not..

that's how relationships go..
first they're okay, the other day.. they're not..

people sometimes are like double-bladed swords..

same goes on my experience..

their issue might also be fake though..

but of course, we'll really never know.. simply because we're not them-the ones which are really in the situation..

it's my first time to drop here..
love and peace.