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Friday, March 23, 2007

Tired of Waiting

Everyone was all agog over the news yesterday: the Supreme Court has scheduled a special session to hear Satur Ocampo's petition for certiorari. So what about it? Well, the over-eager bar examinees saw something beyond it. The prevailing thought was that the deliberations on the release of the bar results will be inserted during the discussions.

That the hearing on the Satur case was later re-scheduled to March 30 simply fueled the speculations. "Lalabas na... lalabas na." With the whispers getting louder, some brave souls even started trooping to the SC.

But again, nothing.

"Bukas na naman daw." At 1:00 this morning, I still received a text message saying it could really be today. Damn!

Can't blame us though. We really are just tired of the continuing suspense. Everyone wants to move on, pronto! It's been months, for chrissakes!

"There's a session later today" said the latest note on my celphone.
"It's a jam session for the Supreme Court employees. Wanna come?"

Filipinos just have a weird sense of humor.
(Postscript: It's now being floated that the results will come out on the 29th. Or is it April? Whatever. Simply means another week/s of torture. I hate the suspense. Any suggestions on how I should spend the rest of the waiting days? I need to have a good diversion. Caveat: Nothing naughty please. I need to be saint-like until everything is over. lol)
P.S. to the P.S.
My "source" at the SC now says it's April 3. Confirmed na daw. Talaga lang ha? Game!!!
Another P.S.
Just a few seconds after I posted the last note, another "reliable source" from the SC texted that April 3 is for the decoding of the booklets only, not the release of the bar results. Ansaya!


cyril said...

*brings out a list of suggestions...comes across the sentence, "i need to be saint-like until everything is over."*

*tears list in two*

haha. kapit lang diyan. good luck =)

chino said...

you're a bar examinee?.. lol.. good luck sayo! :P

melai said...

nagtatrabaho sa sa Supreme Court o isa ka sa nagbabantay sa case ni Ka Satur?

Nostalgia Manila said...

Thanks for visiting Nostalgia Manila!

aryo said...

Nostalgia Manila: thanks for visiting. will link you, if you wont mind.

Melai: Di ko alam kung pano ka sasagutin. Ganito na lang, nagbabantay sa galaw ng SC only for a specific reason.:-)

Chino: Bat me lol? thanks tho.

Thanks Cyril.