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Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Kind of Heroes

It was just a random pick from my friendly neighborhood video pirate - I've never heard of it, nor ever even seen it plugged on local TV. I was just looking for some stuff to fill my spare time.

And gee, was I glad to find out what a gem of a watch it was!

I fell in love with it though, not at first sight (how cliche can I get?). I actually ejected it from my player just after a few minutes of initial intrusions. Boring, I surmised; convinced that the development was slow in coming.

But there was a growing buzz about it on the many blogs I've visited. Many claim elation that it's finally being aired on Channel 9. The curious cat that I have always been, I decided to give it a second chance to prove itself.

And swear, I was floored. It was one damn good show! Good plot, nice effects, wonderful mix of characters.

Of course, I'm not saying it's original. People who "thought they were like everyone else... until they woke up with incredible abilities"... Such premise is old hat, basic for all comic book greats. But why does it persist and continues being a hit among us, vulnerable earthlings? Because it feeds on one basic hunger -- to be super-human.

True, being one may have its own setbacks (talk of one's best gift as being his biggest curse too), but can we stop people from ever wishing that there lurks in his deepest recesses some hidden power, for good or bad? I'd like one, honestly. And I mean any power. I've got no specific preferences: telepathy, time travel, flight ... any thing will be deeply appreciated. Please?

I'm still just a few episodes through it but I sure am hooked. But much as I'd like to talk about the episodes in detail, am gagging myself for now, in deference to those following it from free TV.

But just this one thing: please let me give you this message from the future: "to my kindred souls, let's all unite and save the world! " (Whew! It actually felt good saying that.)


deejayz said...

yeah, a lot of peeps said it was slow-paced. the show is only building mystery. me too, im hooked!

aryo said...

Thanks for the visit Deejayz. It was quite slow at the beginning because there were so many characters to introduce. But it got going when everyone was in. Happy viewing!

Anonymous said...

I see you like heroes too, anyway I linked you up in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Maribelle: Hi Reo! Was jst reading Beach in my Mind. I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic. How I miss our childhood days. I can really identify with how u must have felt when u were writing this blog, missing our beloved Capul... I LOVE CAPUL!!!

Maribelle: Guess what? I'm soo hooked with watching Heroes, too! I always look 4ward to Wed evenings.