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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Just got back from sickbay. I had a terrible four-day struggle with a persistent flu (am still feeling groggy as of this writing, but fine, I guess).

Cause? Physical and Emotional stress (that’s the Dr. House in me speaking).

Now, the cost:

Self-prescribed - P 500.00
Doctor prescribed – P 1,650.00

Electric Bill
(aircon, DVD, etc. P 600.00 ++

Fruits & other food P 1,000.00 ++

My gulay! That’s almost four thousand pesos down the drain!

Imagine. That money could have purchased cases of beer and plates of hearty pulutan in our sidewalk tambayan. Or it could have shouldered the weekend trip to Subic or Mindoro. Or a good massage and sumptuous dinner from a cozy spa. Damn! Damn!


nonoy said...

tells you to take extra precaution in handling your body. so you can have those bread spent on the "better" things in life (eg. local trip via plane, relaxing massage at a SPA, etc...) :p

get well. i have sinusitis today. good thing, a tablet of Neozep is free in our office. lol.

aryo said...

You're right Nonoy. Actually, I didn't feel that sick for some time. Medyo some unfortunate news dampened my mood Friday morning and my mind took advantage by creating it's own monster virus. Or is it bacteria? Whatever it was, simply confirmed that the mind rules the body.

Neozep, free in your office? Talaga naman palang total protection ang binibigay nila. All heads covered! He he.

yatot said...

hey... mahirap talagang magkasakit these days... tapos ang init pa! sobrang physical exhaustion... ako nga feeling ko im dehydrated inside... inom ako ng inom ng tubig pero walang lumalabas na alam mo na... tapos hirap pang mag alam mo na din yun.. i guess! so talagang dapat mag-ingat tayo sa ating health dahil ito ang ating pinaka bread and butter!