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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Un-Cultured Me

For the first time in my life, I watched full-length ballet last night at the CCP. You heard it right, ballet!

While I had known the dance during my high school days (in the island where I came from), I knew that was nowhere near authentic ballet. It was at best an approximation, a futile attempt to imitate the movements, a result of the blind being led by the blind. Am quite sure that the trainer of my schoolmates knew nothing better than what she saw on TV or some fiesta extravaganza somewhere.

I thus had the highest of expectations as I was to see the real McCoy. But after the initial awe, everything else became a boring lot.

Maybe it was a normal reaction from the uninitiated like me. Not all firsts, one gets to like.

Or maybe it was just the show. Aside from the scenic stage and the exquisite solos and pas de deux (duets), I really saw nothing more that drew inspiration. Or awe. For just how many ways can a person contort his/her body? Seeing a person doing pirouettes, high leaps ( jetés, etc. ), doing body-breaking twists and acrobatic moves over and over doesn’t seem to have created a lasting impact on me.

I was actually looking forward to the group dances, hoping that they would be like Olympic synchronized swimming. Unfortunately, complete unity escaped the dancers. More practice, perhaps?

But trust me to enjoy the moment, even if it’s the dullest. Last night, I re-lived my youth by joining the restless students make mock applause. And boy! We were an active audience. Even the lifting of the curtains drew very long cheers, he he.

It was also fun watching the audience. My friends and I were particularly delighted with the boys and girls who found reason to re-use their prom night outfits. We also enjoyed watching the senior citizens display their gowns and suits, with almost all the women sporting sturdy imeldific hairdos. We laughed our hearts out to the person at our back who clapped at almost every move of whoever he was rooting for, too loudly that we’re sure his hands got sore. But I think the highlight of our night was disparaging a matronly woman as a walking Christmas tree, only to realize she was the wife of a former senator. We were rude, bwahaha.

Anyway, I admit I still have to immerse myself immensely with “high society” to acquire the taste for legitimate art. Or maybe it’s too late in the day. Hindi talaga yata ako bagay maging sosyal.

But try I will. Tonight, a friend invited me to watch Sound of Music. This I would probably dig. Music has always been closer to my heart. But is this not supposed to be of the classical type? Patay!

But just the same, I will enjoy it the best way I can. Trust me.

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