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Monday, November 20, 2006

That Wonderful Sound

I was right. I dig music better.

I had my reservations going to Greenbelt last Saturday night as I was more inclined to watching Pinoy Dream Academy (a friend calls this scraping the bottom of the barrel, he he). The performance theme I heard, was Christmas and I would have loved getting mushy all night long.

But after watching Repertory Philippines’ Sound of Music, nursing regrets would be last in my mind. I was happy with the decision. As I got out of the theater, I can’t help but be proud being Filipino. We have world-class theater right at our backyard.

I know I have no license nor skill to make a review, but my ears are no strangers to good music. So, the verdict? Superb musicality. It was Philippine theater at its best (at least from the point of view of someone like me with a limited exposure on the art form). Yes, the songs in the play have become all too familiar, but they were delivered with such sincerity that it triggered more than nostalgia.

The entire cast was competent. Monique Wilson as Maria, was so natural one gets tempted to think he is watching a foreign film. Her singing was flawless, a confirmation of an internationally-acclaimed talent. Cherrie Gil was just herself, she with a commanding sophisticated presence. Think of Lavinia Arguelles as a baroness, and you’ll see what I mean. Audie Gemora was expectedly good, although he looked nowhere near the Capt. Von Trapp we all know (I was very much willing to suspend disbelief though). And the nuns! Awesome is insufficient a word to describe them (Camille Lopez-Molina, et al.)

Basta, the entire cast was great. Too bad I didn’t really know most of them. Apologies, apologies. I promise I’ll try to enjoy more theater from hereon. Mukhang maililibre pa rin naman ako ng kaibigan ko from Inquirer, he he.


edwincorros said...

Great to read your humble review of "The Sound of Music." How I wish I get the chance too to watch that wonder.

Thanks Ayo for inviting me to see you blog. Your articles were well written. I did enjoy them all. I have always come to believe how talented indeed you are. Your blog did confirm that.

aryo said...

Salamat po, Father.

After being tortured in law school (plus of course, ang mga pagsubok sa tunay na buhay), I just need to have an outlet. Kaya eto, nagkakalat sa internet.

Bisita kayo ulit later.