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Friday, November 17, 2006

"Our Father" in Inabaknon

To give you a sampling of how our dialect sounds,
here is a translation of the Lord's Prayer:

Tatay kami’ nga awinan si Langit,
Baraan i arun mo
Palandungon kami si paghadi mo
Patumanon I pagdalum mo
Ato si kalibutan
sigon si pagpatuman mo aro si Langit.

Buwanin kami’ si karakanon kami’
para si allaw allaw.
Pasayluhon kami’ si mga sala’ kami’,
pariho si pagpasaylo kami’
si dimu’an makasala’ si kami’
Dakaw kami agbawahun si mga tentasyon
Kundi patalahon kami’ si dimuan karat'an.


The Summer Institute of Linguistics has its own version,
but I do not fully agree with the conversion of the phrases, thus, this.


Gina said...

Oh, the Capul dialect! It's like a totally different language. I remember when Angelita and I had a petty quarrel back in h.s. for reasons I forgot now ( hey,that was more than 20 years ago now), and she started to talk in this totally alien language, I didn't know of an effective comeback ,so I just blurted- shut,up! Karaut man siton nga imo yinaknan! =P Sorry,Reo! Of course, I've changed my stand on that long time ago although I still would feel lost if somebody talks to me in Inabaknon! It is kind of "mysterious" how so different a dialect ended up being spoken in your island with neighbors speaking the more popular dialects. I read your previous post too- those are truly intriguing stories which could very well be true. Ay, I would like to be able to visit Capul in the future. You made me really interested. And a 400 yr. old church- simply wonderful! Reno, next time you go home for a visit, do take some pictures of the church interior for me (and for your blog readers as well). I would love to see more photos of it.

steve said...

Hi this is Steve Rice, i also have retired in Northern Samar, I visit Capul many times, what a great place and the people are so friendly, I am a friend of Chris Bech, he brings many tourists and Investors to the Island. I have many pictures of Capul on the web site i am building for Chris Bech, if you would like to see more pictures, please go to I am the photographer and web designer, enjoy and please stay in touch, please email me if you like my work, or would like me to highlight more places with pictures, i would be happy to do so.
To all the proud people of Capul, we love you and your Island, God Bless and many more happy trips...
Kind Regards, Steve Rice

Carl Jamie Simple S. Bordeos said...

Hello there! I got interested with the 'Our Father' (posted here in your site) which is in the Abaknon language. I love it.=) By the way, I am Carl Jamie Simple S. Bordeos of Lavezares, Northern Samar, and I am currently connected as Researcher at the Research and Human Development Center, Christ the King College in Calbayog City.

We are currently doing a research project on Samar History (with special focus to the local histories of all Samar municipalities of the 3 Provinces). We hope to see them published in a book (which will be any time soon this September 2009).

Indeed, your place is blessed to have an active role in Samar Island history in particular. Because of our current research endeavor, for the very first time, that I myself became proud of being born a Samarnon.

I plan to visit Capul by August to gather supplemental data for the research. I wish to see old friends in high school like Cherrie Ann Blossom Olano, Matt Catucod, Glem Garais, Carina Marzol, a male friend from Brgy. Landusan, I also pray to meet some of my schoolmates in UP who were Capuleños.=) Like Samar island, Capul is a great place with great people with great, rich history!
Regards. PS. If you have any information to share about Capul, please feel free to email them to Here's my number: 0915-8439359