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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Saving Philippine Idol

Seeing Gian and Mau safe, I knew I was in for a good night. No arguments; that was the appropriate bottom three.

When Jan followed, I applauded. Finally, sanity ruled!

But pfffft!…. The bubble burst. Naknampatatas! Miguel’s still there? How on earth …?!!!

Well, all wishes just can’t come true. I’d have to be happy with small blessings.

I understand what happened. People were just too determined to save Gian and Mau, they forgot about Pow. This wasn’t free voting after all. People were forced to make wise use of their money.

Miguel’s kamag-anak votes remain constant. Notice he’s been sliding from the usual top spot as support for the other contestants swelled. It’s just too bad Pow’s total wasn’t enough to dislodge him.

Next week’s votes must set things right. Those who voted for Mau and Gian should continue the crusade. Pow’s supporters must now transfer support to either of the two. Jan’s fans must step up. Miguel’s blind minions seem hell-bent on sabotaging Philippine Idol that it’s expected they’d pour more money to generate votes. If Jan’s votes stay as is, he’d be next to get the boot.

In the end, it should be battle royale between Mau and Gian. My take? I’d go for Gian anytime. I am convinced that Mau is slightly ahead in the vocals category, but I concede PI is more than vocals. My apologies if that sounds discriminating, but that’s the reality in Philippine entertainment.

Remember Frenchie Dy? She was a vocal powerhouse, arguably the best even among the Star in A Million champions. But where is she now? She is not even included in the regular features on the competition’s harvest.

Mau is excellent. Fortunately, Gian is not far behind, talent-wise. As to the other requisites of pop musicville, he leads by miles. Therefore, if the Philippine Idol franchise were to survive, Gian must win. No arguments.


Ross Delantar said...

I didn't watch last night and after reading your blog, all I can say is %$$#^%#@%!!! I mean, why is Miguel still there??? He should've joined Starstruck or Pinoy Dream Academy. I don't know how somebody like him can represent the Philippines?

Pow going was totally frustrating. I really liked her for being herself for the whole contest. She didn't try to immitate anyone, and she had an appealing style that impresses the judges. She is a loss to Philippine Idol... an early one despite making it to the top 5.

At least Mau is still there. I'm definately rooting for her -- and you're right, Mau and Gian should finish this. I have my money on her. :)

dopdop said...

to borrow whar Gil Grissom said in a CSI episode: "there are too many forensic shows on TV", i say, "there are too many singing contests on TV!" And for what? for the winners to later record revivals of songs which are better left "unrevived!" gone were the days when true talent were discovered in small clubs and lounges --- singers who paid their dues in such acts before making it big in the music industry. nowadays, just about anyone who can carry a tune and with an attitude wants to be a singer and win that house and lot, recording contract and what-not.

aryo said...

Ross & Dopdop: Thanks for dropping by.

Ross: Pow for me should have been third. As to Mau, I've considered her an awesome talent since Star for a Night, and I believed then that she was better than Sarah Geronimo. I just hope that after PI, she'd find her niche in the music industry.

Dopdop: I share your frustration. But what are we to do? Good singers are a-dime-a-dozen in this country, we just have to create multiple outlets. My only beef with PI is, with the thousands of talents available, what the hell is Miguel doing in there?!!

dopdop said...

just because there are many "good" singers does not mean that we should allow every tom, dick and harry,(and jane, to be politically correct)to compete in shows which are actually just competing with each other (as a ploy by the rival stations, of course). i wonder where all these hopefuls will be a year or so from now?? not to bellyache but, am sure most will be one-hit wonders.

singing ability is one thing, looks is another. it might not hurt to have a rags-to-riches, orphan or abused kid story, to boot. bottom line is --- we're becoming suckers for these talent shows which are about anything but real TALENT.

Anonymous said...

"Miguel's blind minions seem hell-belt on sabotaging Philippine Idol."

That statement is bereft of fairness. Expressions are respected but not when they betray myopia.

The problem with PI is not Miguel Mendoza. Its the judges' favoritism. And clearly it has rubbed on you too.

But yes, I feel that Gian Magdangal should win. Not that caricature, what's her name, dear?

aryo said...

Anonymous: And where is fairness when the truly talented singers get kicked out because one contestant simply happened to have more funds to amass vote cards? Myopia? Is it not akin to being blind - seeing nothing but your idol's virtues without regard to his actual standing in the field of better talents? Favoritism? Simply because the judges can't find anything good to say about your bet? Pity.

dopdop said...

whoo! whooo! easy, kids.... these contestants don't even know youfrom Adam... so quit busting your chops over who should win or not, they won't even thank you for it. just enjoy the show, if you must.