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Thursday, May 14, 2009

WTF! Gokey is Out?

I'm mad. Very, very mad. Utterly disappointed.

America just voted Danny Gokey out of American Idol. And I know who to blame.

Paula Abdul, you screwed up. Or maybe you did it on purpose. You and the rest of the judges, were all like giggly school-girls rooting for Lambert, just like that Katy Perry who-the-hell was she?

Gokey is a balladeer - and that by now should have been crystal clear except for a dreamy judge deep on drugs (is it true what they say?). To ask him to sing a two-tone dance song on the most critical AI eve (while Cowell pushed and shoved for Lambert to sing U2), was to me plain sabotage. Unforgivable.

Nope, I am not much of a Gokey fan - my favorites have all lost steam. But if a choice was to be made between the three remaining contenders, I am pretty sure where to place my bets.

So now, Adam Lambert and Chris Allen will have to fight for AI glory. I hope Allen gets it, if only America stands up and prove that it knows its music. I've always believed AI is a singing contest, not a screaming competition. The moment Lambert gets the nod would be very, very sad (indulgent nonsense, remember?)...

At least for me. And I couldn't care less if others say otherwise.

(slowly, I am putting my last beer down....)


Chrystal K. said...

I did not get to watch the elimination episode this week, but I did watch the competition show. Every time I hear Danny sing a song about love, I literally start to cry, as I can’t help but to think about his tragic loss and what he must be feeling as he sings. I hope everything works out well for him, in his career and in his life.

Lawstude said...

i really wasn't able to follow AI this season but i know that gokey sings similar to elliot yamin while lambert sings like a girl. not familiar with allen so i hope he wins.

the donG said...

im not following AI this year, but through blog, wow i get updates. so ill go for kris this year.

jasperjugan said...

yeah it was disappointing but can't do much about it

ian said...

unidimensional raw si gokey e.

si kris may commercial value- looks yes, semi sa voice.

si adam naman, niche singer.

si gokey- SINGER talaga.

korny ng finals.

ai may just be on its way out...