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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Concert I'd Die To Watch

Cook and Archuleta in Manila?!!!

Somalosep! Why not last December? Or any time when I would be in the Philippines? Why oh why?!

He he. I just feel bad missing this big event. I admit these two are my favorite Idols, arguably two of the best graduates of the show. Until now, I still have their AI performances in my ipod playlist. And I have downloaded their recent tracks from all sources possible.

But that's life. Some good things are meant to be missed. Makikibalita na lang ako sa mga swerteng makakapanood.

And hopefully, both artists will stage a concert in Tokyo. While I'm here, of course.


Lawstude said...

si carrie underwood kaya kailan?

r-yo said...

tanong natin ke jomari yllana. :-)

MakMak said...

I'll be watching. :P

totomai said...

david(s) fanatic ka pala, lol

jasperjugan said...

uwi ka kasi muna for the weekend :D

Rico said...

Not much of an Idol fan here, but I did like Cook in AI.
They said that Jericho Rosales and Gretchen B. will be front acts too! Kidding! :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Don't know about them.
have a lovely weekend

the donG said...

theyve been everywhere. eat bulaga, malls, ... but im not watching the concert.

jed said...

I was supposed to be there but my time did not allow me though!

Ang hirap pala pag may work ka na!