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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Rejoinder On Food

(pic from the Daily Yomiuri Online)

Japanese media have been giving extensive attention to this woman in recent days. Last night, almost all TV stations featured her – bowing incessantly, muttering words I could surmise were apologies, and tears dropping on her tired spectacles.

I wondered what horrible crime against humanity has she done to deserve such public shaming.

It turned out that the fragile-looking old lady in grand Japanese kimono was the 71-year old President of Senba Kitcho, an upscale restaurant chain operating in Osaka and the nearby wards. The original restaurant was said to have been founded by the first recipient of the Japanese government's Persons of Cultural Merit award in the cooking industry.

Last night, she announced the closure of their 17-year old restaurant due to bankruptcy, after patronage dwindled drastically. The reason? Two scandals: first it mislabeled the origins of the beef they used for their packed meals and just recently, they have been discovered to have customarily re-served left-over dishes untouched by customers.

Newspapers quoted her as saying: “"I apologize from the bottom of my heart for our betrayal of public trust in the safety and reliability of [our] food."

With that I could only say, Wow! That’s how the Japanese treat their food! Desecrating it was almost tantamount to murder, rape or any other heinous crime (judging at least by the way they treated this woman).

Now that brings me to a Quezon City restaurant where something outrageously yukky was once found by a customer. It did cause a mild stir, making it close for a while, but it was soon back in business. Truth is, after that, my friends and I would still regularly go there for dinner and the usual drinks.
My point exactly? He he. Wala lang.



new lay out...

How many times was it ive read about vermins accidentally found in food served to customers in RP? An urban legend based on facts...

Ely said...

So, that's how they do it in Japan. Wag ng umasa na may mangyayaring ganyan sa Pinas. hehe.