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Thursday, May 8, 2008

And Then The House Rocked

I was jolted from deep sleep by a rocking that reminded me of riding through the pot-holed streets of Manila.

My first gaze focused on the suspended lightbulb above me – it was swinging like a crazy pendulum.


I could say I’m quite used to this earthly movement (I’ve been to Taiwan, remember?), but nothing really prepares you for a sudden jerk in mid-sleep. And this one’s not just the regular type. It was quite strong and came in spurts. Ten seconds…stop…five seconds… stop… ten seconds… stop.

I got scared, alright. You see, I’m staying in a semi-wooden apartment. I got worried the planks will break anytime.

But I didn’t get up. The quake stopped right before I got the urge to dash for safety.

Or so it seemed. Just as I was about to doze back off, then came the rocking again! And this time it was stronger, and the movements quicker. Survival instinct made me seek shelter – the large bunker cum closet nearest to me.

Until it was peaceful again.

Early reports say the earthquake was 6.7 strong, with the epicenter forty kilometers away from the Ibaraki prefecture. Thankfully, no casualties so far.


Mojo Potato said...

mabuti na lang safe ka...ang ganda ng photos mo ng strawberries...bigla ko tuloy na-miss...hehehe...makabili nga pagbalik ng baguio

Ely said...

Waaaah! Earthquake. I've experience the same back in Baguio, while sleeping too. I didn't really bother to get out of my bed, one time I was waiting for debris to fall on me. LOL. Thanks God, no debris, not even a dust.

Coldman said...

kakatakot, magisa ka pa naman?!

glad you're safe. =)

Dakilang Islander said...

so far hindi pa ako nakaranas ng ganun....but just by thinking about it natatakot na ako...

aajao said...

atty. glad to hear you're safe. ingat. earthquakes do make us "tremble" within ourselves. its like saying "where else can we go when every place is moving?"
waahh.. my worst earthquake experience was way back in July 1990... epicenter sa Dagupan. I was in Pampanga then so malakas rin ang yanig sa amin. unfortunately, major damage was in Baguio :(

tutubi philippines said...

it's common there. my young niece has also grown accustomed to temblors. glad you're ok

acey said...

earthquakes are scary. i'm glad you're safe, kuya aryo.

happy mother's day to your mom!!!

carlotta1924 said...

whoa! glad to know that you're safe. ingat palagi ha?

Tami said...

glad you're safe, hope it doesnt happen again, lalo na in your sleep.